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How to Optimize Your Cloud Costs
with Andreas Wittig of Cloudnonaut

On-Demand Webinar


Andreas Wittig, Author and AWS Expert



Watch this webinar featuring AWS expert Andreas Witting, author of Amazon Web Services in Action and the popular Cloudonaut blog.  In this session, Andreas discusses how to analyze your AWS bill and identify areas to optimize. 

You'll Learn: 

  • How pricing models for different AWS services work, so you can better understand how engineering decisions contribute to your cloud spend

  • A simple process to drill into your bill and uncover potential areas for  hidden savings 

  • Questions your team can ask to discover which costs are justified and should be reduced

  • A convenient list of specific AWS services, where you can cut your AWS costs with little effort.

About Andreas

Andreas Wittig is a Cloud Specialist focusing on AWS and DevOps. He is the author of Amazon Web Services in Action and a founder and technical writer at cloudonaut.io. Andreas is also an independent consultant at Widdix, and a programming founder at marbot.  He is an academic and leading expert of all things AWS.

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