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Cost Anomaly Detection

Build fast with cost gaurdrails.

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How SeatGeek Decoded Its AWS Bill and Measured Cost Per Customer

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Enable engineering to make cost-aware development decisions.


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Decentralize cloud cost and mature your FinOps program.


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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Measure, monitor, and optimize cloud spend on AWS.


Combine cloud cost intelligence from AWS and Snowflake.




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CloudZero Advisor

Compare pricing and get advice on AWS services including EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, and more.

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Cloud Cost Assessment

Gauge the health and maturity level of your cost management and optimization efforts.

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Guide: How To Overcome Tagging And Accelerate Cloud Cost Allocation

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Help customers understand their AWS spend, grow margins, and translate cloud cost into business language.

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Change The Cloud Cost Narrative

AWS is an investment in innovation — so a growing company should have a growing cloud bill. Tracking top-line spend is missing context, so CloudZero aligns cloud cost to meaningful metrics like unit cost, cost per product feature, and cost per customer. This helps AWS customers understand the profitability of different aspects of their business and if they're achieving economies of scale.

Change The Cloud Cost Narrative

Not Your Average Cloud Cost Tool

Traditional cloud cost management tools are focused on reporting overall cost for finance. CloudZero's unique approach helps customers gain cost intelligence to drive strategic outcomes for their business. Here are three reasons why CloudZero is different.

Not Your Average Cost Tool

Differentiator 1: CloudZero is focused on strategic business metrics

CloudZero translates spend into business context and provides customers a granular understanding of margins and COGS. Everyone from the C-suite to individual engineers can make cost-based decisions and tradeoffs.

Differentiator 2: CloudZero provides cost guardrails during growth, transformation, and migration

CloudZero offers engineering a simple, self-serve interface to provide them with fast cost feedback, trends, and anomalies — enabling them to move faster without risk.

Differentiator 3: CloudZero excels with modern architecture

CloudZero is designed to handle whatever infrastructure customers are embracing, like multi-tenancy, Kubernetes, AI/ML, Serverless, microservices, and more.

Key Personas

CloudZero empowers stakeholders to drive improved outcomes — from software engineers to the C-Suite.

CloudZero delivers cost intelligence for CFOs, CTOs, FP&A, DevOps, Engineering, and more.

A Solution For Every AWS Segment

Select your customer segment to learn more about how CloudZero can help. In true Amazonian fashion, we've created FAQs for each.


Use Cases


There are endless reasons why cloud companies need cost visibility. Here are a few scenarios where CloudZero stands out.




Gain COGS Visibility, Even Without Perfect Tags

Imperfect tagging can be a massive barrier for AWS customers to achieve visibility into the cost of different aspects of their products. CloudZero offers a unique approach that transforms spend in a matter of hours into flexible, customized dimensions.

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Prepare For An IPO, Fundraise, Or Private Equity

CloudZero can help your customers with their cost reporting needs, whichever growth stage they're in. CloudZero is SOC1 compliant — so customers can feel confident their reports are accurate without calling in auditors.


Migrate And Modernize With Cost Confidence

Whether your customer is getting started on AWS or trying out newer cloud-native services like serverless and machine learning, CloudZero can help provide cost guardrails and fast feedback. Engineers can move quickly, learn the impact of their decisions — without risk of overspending.

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Deliver Cost Intelligence On Kubernetes

A move to Kubernetes can trigger a sudden loss of visibility into the granular cost metrics that finance teams needs. CloudZero specializes in organizing both containerized and non-containerized infrastructure cost into business dimensions.

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Build Finance C-Suite Champions

AWS helps companies grow and scale, but it can be challenging to explain to finance why the bill keeps growing. CloudZero helps you break down cost into the terms they care about, so you can build champions and help them understand ROI.

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Measure Unit Cost And COGS On Multi-Tenant Infrastructure

Put cost into perspective for SaaS companies. Measure cost per customer and unit cost

Top AWS Companies Rely On CloudZero

Read our customer case studies below.

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I can dig into my bill and easily understand exactly what we’re spending and why.

Michael Weinberg

Infrastructure Engineering Manager, SeatGeek

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CloudZero gives us visibility, better coverage, and helps us be proactive.

Peter Samaan

Infrastructure Engineering Manager, Remitly

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Having a safety net, allows us to focus on building while giving me peace of mind.

Ben Johnson

Co-Founder and CTO, Obsidian Security

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Our previous cloud cost solution was good at looking at resource tags, but it was CloudZero that helped us to easily and accurately map cost to our products.

Shawn LoPresto

Architect, MalwareBytes

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We've been able to shift products up from physical data centers to the cloud, while saving money on what otherwise would have been astronomical spend.

Adam Walker

VP of Infrastructure, Validity

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CloudZero has been awesome to work with, and they've helped us break cost down in ways that make it easier to see not what optimizations will get us significant results.

M.J. Jackson


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What Our Customers Say

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“CloudZero enables us to have constructive conversations about how to efficiently design new features and products as we continue to innovate and grow as a company”

Brian Morehead

VP of Cloud Operations, Malwarebytes

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Power Profitable Growth With Cloud Cost Intelligence 👋

See for yourself how CloudZero can transform your cloud spend
into business dimensions you care about.


Power Profitable Growth With Cloud Cost Intelligence 👋

See for yourself how CloudZero can transform your cloud spend
into business dimensions you care about.