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2018 Cloud and Serverless Ecosystem Survey

|September 17, 2018|

TL;DR? Take the 2018 Cloud and Serverless Ecosystem survey now! :-)

CloudZero is proud to highlight the Cloud and Serverless Ecosystem Survey. Unlike other surveys that have focused on the size of the serverless market, use cases and rate of adoption, this survey is focused on better understanding the yet unsolved problems and challenges that arise when organizations commit to develop, operate and secure cloud and serverless systems.

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See the official rules, below, for more details

The survey is authored by CloudZero with Yan Cui (AWS Serverless Hero, theburningmonk.com), Matrix Partners and Underscore VC. The survey was first launched in July and will be open into the latter half of October 2018. The results will then be tabulated, packaged and a report will be released by CloudZero in November.

The survey takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete - or slightly longer If you choose to provide additional free text information (your choice!). We want to thank all the respondents who have taken the survey so far, and those who have chosen to provide free text information. The quantity and quality of the responses received to date has exceeded expectations!

We hope you will join this initiative and help us in this important endeavor!

Take the 2018 Cloud and Serverless Ecosystem survey

Why this survey?

It starts with a simple question: “what is a serverless system?”- something the market is still trying to understand and agree on - and then dives deeper from there. Our goal with this survey is to learn what you think about the: Activity, Cost, Performance and Relationships in cloud and serverless systems, as seen through various lenses of a business.

  • Activity: Events, API calls and traffic generated by your cloud environment as the result and use of cloud systems.
  • Cost: Any billable activity (fixed or variable) attributed to your cloud environments.
  • Performance: Measurements, such as latency and errors, that indicate the level of health of your cloud systems.
  • Relationships: The connections and interactions between resources, activity, cost and performance.

What is the focus of the survey?

The survey focuses on two key areas:

  1. The first is your opinion on the activity, cost, performance and relationships associated with cloud and serverless systems.
  2. The second is to learn more about the challenges and needs that arise when the complexity of cloud and serverless systems obstructs the management of the systems themselves. The survey will also probe the market’s level of satisfaction with the technologies currently used to understand and manage these challenges and interpret the relative importance of each.

Who should take the survey?

It’s common sense that better business decisions result when more people understand the impact of their digital systems on the business. However, our research indicates that many roles don’t have information that, if known, would have a positive impact on strategy, development or finance. Therefore, this survey is aimed at anyone whose role is impacted - either directly or indirectly - by cloud and serverless systems.

If your role is associated with any of the following activities…

  • Managing application performance
  • Designing and managing architecture
  • Managing costs
  • Building applications
  • Managing scalability and availability
  • Purchasing technology
  • Managing a product
  • Managing security

…then this survey is for you!

Interested in early survey insights?

We already have some insights to share. We considered whether a preview would bias future results and we think the probability of that happening is low. Therefore, here is a sample of free text responses to 5 of the questions. To minimize bias, we won’t provide any further context. Enjoy the preview and please take the survey to add your opinion and ideas to the results.

Question: “What are your biggest challenges to successfully understand and manage the activity in your cloud environments?”

A sample of respondents say:

  • “downstream dependencies and sprawling apps”
  • “visibility for debugging”

Question: “What are your biggest challenges to successfully understand and manage the cost in your cloud environments?”

A sample of respondents say:

  • “engineers don't have insight into function or system cost”
  • “network costs are creeping up”

Question: “What are your biggest challenges to successfully understand and manage the performance of your systems in cloud environments?”

A sample of respondents say:

  • “without proper observability it can still be a challenge to hunt down the bottleneck”
  • “microservices topicality means you use many different AWS services with different logging and metrics”

Question: “What are your biggest challenges to successfully understand and manage the relationships between resources/events in your cloud environments?”

A sample of respondents say:

  • “it's hard to get visualization of flow between resources/events at scale”
  • “traces are near impossible to monitor”

Question: “Please provide any additional information about the activity, cost, performance or relationships in your cloud environments.”

A sample of respondents say:

  • “performance is less important, because (we) can compensate with more resources (albeit by increasing cost)
  • “activity is important, and security implications of activity being a callout area”

About CloudZero

CloudZero is the first Actionable Serverless Intelligence Platform built for a world where the cloud is the computer and cloud providers are the operating systems. CloudZero enables Engineers, Architects and DevOps teams to understand the activity and relationships of systems in cloud environments, in real time, in order to manage the cost and performance of systems across one or hundreds of cloud accounts from a single unified platform. Easy to set up, simple to use and requiring no code to install or maintain, the platform uses machine learning to understand events and activities inside cloud accounts to share insights and connect the impact of real time system health to critical business operations.

CloudZero's System Map gives developers unprecedented understanding of their systems in real time.
CloudZero's Cost Manager helps companies control AWS bills.

Take the 2018 Cloud and Serverless Ecosystem survey


In conjunction with our Cloud and Serverless Ecosystem Survey, CloudZero Inc., ("CloudZero") is giving away 5 Amazon $100 Gift Cards, one each to 5 different winners. Anyone who is at least 18 years old may enter the sweepstakes between September 12, 2018 and October 22, 2018, by providing their name and email address at the end of the survey. If you do not wish to complete the survey, you may enter the sweepstakes here. All entries are subject to these rules.

CloudZero never has and never will share your personal information and will only use your information for the purposes of contacting the winners and publishing a list of winners.

Limit one entry per individual. Likelihood of winning will depend on the total number of entrants, estimated to be in the 1/250 to 1/500 range.

All winners will be chosen by CloudZero, through random drawings of all eligible entries. One winner will be chosen approximately every seven (7) days. The winners will be notified via the email address they provide. An individual can only win once.


CloudZero reserves the right to cancel or suspend the sweepstakes at any time, for any reason.

Address questions about the survey or sweepstakes to info@cloudzero.com.

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