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Is Your Company Cutting Costs? Here Are 4 Upcoming Webinars for You

|April 17, 2020|

We've been hearing from a lot of companies that cost is an area of focus right now. In the coming weeks, we have a series of webinars on cost optimization for you to learn more about steps you can take. The topics range from how downturns affect tech budgeting, how to create a strong tagging strategy, and a plethora of tips for saving on AWS. Check out what's coming up!

Virtual Panel: How to Cut Your Technology Budget During a Downturn | April 30

You just received an order from finance telling you it’s time to cut your budget, but where do you start? In this live online panel, three industry veterans will discuss how to assess your technology investments during an uncertain climate and reduce costs without hurting your company’s engineering power. They will cover topics such as:

  • Practical steps to assess your current spend and prioritize reduction 
  • Recommendations for both quick wins and more strategic cost cutting measures 
  • How your team can do more with less, without slowing down output

Meet the panelists:

  • Bill Buckley is the VP of Engineering at CloudZero. Prior to CloudZero, he ran engineering teams at Unidesk and Citrix. 
  • Paula Long is a serial entrepreneur, having been in six startups and co-founder of two. Former roles include Co-Founder and VP of Products & Strategy at EqualLogic (acq by Dell), VP of Storage at Dell, Co-Founder & CEO at DataGravity, and other advisory and executive roles in tech.
  • Dave Armlin is the VP of Solutions Architecture at ChaosSearch. He previously held roles running engineering and services teams at companies like Hubspot, Verizon, and CloudSwitch.


Implementing a Comprehensive Tagging Strategy on AWS | April 28

Tagging isn't exactly all about cutting costs, but a great tagging strategy can make or break your ability to understand where to start. In this live webinar we'll cover : 

  • A straightforward framework and process to design and implement your strategy 

  • How to accelerate your tagging coverage with less manual effort

  • Tagging across different dimensions, including technical, business, security, and automation 

  • How to align your tagging strategy with your company goals


Practical Steps to Reduce Your AWS Bill | May 6

This March webinar was so popular, we're doing it again! In this webinar, our co-founder Matt Manger will cover: 

  • The common causes of cloud waste we see across AWS accounts
  • How to get cost visibility with proper tagging and account segmentation.
  • How to analyze your cost in the context of your business, so you can see what is fueling your products and what is being wasted. 
  • What “good” looks like (so you can benchmark your spend)


How to Optimize Your Cloud Costs with Andreas Wittig of Cloudonaut | On Demand

If you're a little impatient, here's one you can watch now. We teamed up with Andreas Wittig, author of the Cloudonaut blog and creator of several awesome AWS visualizations and guides

In this educational webinar, he'll teach you how to cut your AWS costs in 3 steps.  He'll walk through:

  • How pricing models for different AWS services work, so you can better understand how engineering decisions contribute to your cloud spend

  • A simple process to drill into your bill and uncover potential areas for savings 

  • Questions your team can ask to discover which costs are justified and should be reduced

  • list of specific AWS services to cut your AWS costs with little effort

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