Tell Us A Little About Your Cloud Incidents

Posted by Tom McLaughlin on 9/12/17 6:57 PM

The cloud can be a tumultuous place. It is always changing and sooner or later the crash of a computer you have never heard of will stop you from getting work done. This is terribly frustrating and painful for many of us and one of the least favorite parts of our jobs.

At CloudZero we want to help you to build better cloud systems. How will we do that for you? Well to start, we want to know more about incidents in your cloud environment. We have just a few quick and simple questions for you. These questions will help us to build a better product for you and make incidents less painful and eventually even make them less likely.

Interested? Take our survey. No personal information necessary. Just some questions about the amount of incidents and alerts you receive, how long it takes you to recover, and some questions to help make better sense of those numbers. 

 Take Cloud Incident Survey


Written by Tom McLaughlin

Tom is the Community Engineer at CloudZero. In this role he uses his experience in cloud infrastructure and systems development to develop and run serverless systems, and engage the engineering community on this coming technology. He loves exploring serverless architecture and AWS services because he feels this architecture paradigm will produce significant changes and have long lasting effects on cloud computing. When not at work he is a proud cat dad to two calicoes and enjoys spending his time drag racing and sailing. He is also an amateur thinkfluencer on Twitter.

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