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A Practical Guide to Reduce Your AWS Bill

Easy-To-Action Tips To Control Your AWS Costs

AWS gives you access to the computing and DevOps tools you need at the press of a button — which helps you get products out the door fast. 

However, it can be challenging to control your costs and identify waste, especially if you’re not sure where to look or you cloud environment isn't optimized perfectly.

In this comprehensive eBook, CloudZero founder Matt Manger will discuss some practical steps you can take to assess and reduce your AWS spend. 

Specifically, read about:

  • The common causes of cloud waste we see across customers, (and how to solve them). 

  • How to get real-time, product level cost visibility across different teams, even without proper tagging or account segmentation

  • How to analyze your cost in the context of your business, so you can see what is fueling your products and what is being wasted. 

  • What “good” looks like (so you can benchmark your spend).

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