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How SeatGeek Decoded Its AWS Bill and Measured Cost Per Customer

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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5 Tactical Ways To Align Engineering And Finance On Cloud Spend

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Enable AWS Customers To Accelerate Migration With Cost Confidence

Intended Audience for Content:
AWS Employees
Customer Use Case: Accelerate Migration

CloudZero is a cloud cost intelligence platform that puts engineering teams in control of cloud cost by connecting technical decisions to business outcomes.

During a migration to AWS, it can be challenging for engineers to predict how much their applications will cost to build and run as they refactor them for the cloud. CloudZero provides an immediate cost feedback loop to engineering teams — helping them migrate with confidence while they learn to become cloud savvy engineers.

CloudZero Product Highlights: 

  • Easily explorable dashboards, purpose-built for engineering teams to connect their architecture and cost.
  • Automated anomaly alerting and updates in slack, sent to appropriate development teams.
  • Machine learning-driven tagging capability to significantly reduce manual effort to group costs. 
  • Unit cost analysis to measure cost per product feature, customer, dev team, and more. 

Customer Outcomes: 

  • Increased AWS Consumption: On average, AWS consumption grows 22% in year 1 using CloudZero.
  • Improved Visibility and Predictability: Visibility during migration and growth, which improves predictability and confidence.
  • Accelerated Development: Cost guardrails for developers help them move quickly without fear of overspending.
  • Business Validation For Migration: Cost and business metric alignment help customers understand and advocate for their investment.

Executive Level Engagement

75% of CloudZero opportunities have direct sponsorship from the CFO. CloudZero offers COGS reporting for the CFO, along with cost per team and product projections for the VP of engineering. 

This helps engineering and finance executives speak the same language and translate technical decisions to business outcomes.

Peter Samaan

We were seeing growth in the business, which was great. At the same time, we were seeing growth in our cloud costs — which isn't a bad thing as long as we're investing in the right areas. We just needed a better way to understand the relationship between the two.

Peter Samaan | Infrastructure Engineering Manager, Remitly

Trusted By Top AWS Customers

Customer Spotlight: ResponseTap 


Challenge Summary: 

ResponseTap was in the middle of migrating to AWS. They lacked visibility into cost and needed to understand how their costs would change as they refactored each application. During the early parts of the migration, their costs were unpredictable, which led to  tension with the finance team. Their chief architect spent long hours pulling reports to understand cost, which became quickly outdated. 


Solution Summary:

ResponseTap implemented CloudZero, which helped them organize costs into relevant dimensions, like products, features, and customers. Engineers now have visibility into the cost of the applications they're working on, with automatic anomaly alert in Slack.

Greg Farrow

When we start projects, we can closely monitor the cost to make sure that they are what we expected them to be —and we can react quickly if they’re not. If we’re building a new service, we can see quite clearly in CloudZero how our costs are affected as soon as it starts to take traffic.

Greg Farrow | Principal Technical Architect

Outcomes and Notable Quotes From Greg Farrow, Principal Architect, ResponseTap

Improved Predictability and Visibility

  • “We wanted something that would show us if we increase our traffic 10%, will our costs also increase 10%. It’s never that simple, but we knew we could be more clever about how we did those projections if we understood the cost of running different aspects of our products or how much it costs us to support each customer.”
  • “CloudZero helps us connect the dots between our products and our spend — and zoom in and out with very little effort.”

Confidence From Finance

  • “There was a lot of concern, especially from our finance team about how unpredictable our cloud costs were. Our invoice could go from increasing 50% one month then back again the next without any notice. “CloudZero has helped to alleviate concerns about the predictability of our cloud costs. Our CFO has been aware of our bills and he’s very pleased. There haven’t been any awkward conversations since, because we’ve been able to keep everything very well understood.”

Immediate Cost Feedback Loop For Engineering

  • “When we start projects, we can closely monitor the cost to make sure that they are what we expected them to be —and we can react quickly if they’re not. If we’re building a new service, we can see quite clearly in CloudZero how our costs are affected as soon as it starts to take traffic.
  • “With CloudZero in place, cost data has really been democratized across our team. We're seeing the developers themselves are starting to raise questions about costs during planning — without having to come from a manager or an architect or the finance team.”

Cost Informed Strategic Business Decisions

  • “One area where we’re going to be able to be much more insightful is our smaller customers. We can see that a group of customers in a certain vertical tend to be really profitable even though they’re small — while another vertical who we may bill for a similar amount costs actually costs us more.”

Confidently Experimented With New AWS Services

  • “We started looking at using some of AWS’ transcription services to take some of our audio files and transcribe them into text, then do some AI and machine learning-based analysis of those files. It was difficult because we weren’t sure how we were going to use those services yet — and we knew the cost changed depending on how we used them. It’s been really useful for us to be able to validate the cost projections as we started to build.”



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