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AWS Serverless Lambda

On-Demand Webinar

How to Leverage Serverless to Optimize for Cost and Performance

Best Practices & Tips for AWS Lambda

Serverless technology such as AWS Lambda is growing in popularity and is often lauded as a “hands free” solution with benefits like unlimited scale, less operational staff -- and of course, lower cost. But reaping the benefits of serverless requires a careful and strategic approach.  Just as when companies moved from on-premise to the cloud, “lifting and shifting” existing applications to serverless can lead to less than optimal performance and higher prices. 

This webinar will discuss all of the elements to consider when building or moving to serverless infrastructure, including:

  • Cultural considerations to get the most out of a severless transformation
  • Architectural and development best practices specific to Amazon serverless technology 
  • Specific cost and performance monitoring strategies to help you gain visibility into your systems
  • Details of CloudZero's Amazon serverless infrastructure and how the company was able to reduce their AWS bill even as they added more customers 


Meet The Presenter: Bill Buckley

Bill Buckley is the VP of Engineering at CloudZero, bringing over 17 years of experience in enterprise software engineering and DevOps leadership. Prior to CloudZero, Bill worked at Unidesk, then Citrix after their 2017 acquisition, where he served in roles from individual contributor to VP of Engineering and worked on various multi-cloud products. Bill is the owner of several patents and a long time practitioner and advocate of Lean-Agile development methodologies.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar