Optimize your cloud spend

CloudZero helps you with AWS cost optimization by identifying sources of waste and opportunities for efficiency.

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Make better use of your cloud spend.

With CloudZero, you can put your excess cloud spend back to work, fueling progress and innovation.

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See what you’re currently using and whether aspects of your infrastructure or application architecture are inefficient.

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Turn off unused resources, resize instances, or consider reconfiguring.



Gain continuous visibility into your cloud spend and get alerts you when your spend spikes, so you can reduce excess costs and surprises.


Start with a cost evaluation.


Once you get connected to the CloudZero platform, you'll received  an analysis of your entire infrastructure spend—and where there are immediate opportunities to cut cost.


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Understand which resources are costing you.

CloudZero correlates cost with your AWS resources, so you can immediately understand the source of every cost. Then, you can determine which features or products are costing the most, so you can make meaningful tradeoffs.

Use cost data to inform your roadmap.

Because CloudZero connects cost and resource data, you can get a complete view of which aspects of your infrastructure are costing you the most. When it comes time to decide which feature it’s time to build, rewrite, or turn off, you can inform your decision with cost data.

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See for yourself how CloudZero can help you monitor your spend and reduce your existing infrastructure costs.

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