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CloudZero Cloud Cost Monitoring Tools for DevOps

CloudZero enables you to make cost a first class metric.

You know in minutes when your site goes down or key transactions stop working, yet when you accidentally overspend by thousands on your AWS bill, you don’t find out until the bill arrives. Why is that? Because until now, AWS billing data has been challenging to consume and disconnected from engineering activity. That’s why CloudZero provides cloud cost monitoring tools with the context and alerting you need to make cost a key metric in your cloud monitoring strategy—so you can take control of your costs.



CloudZero monitors your billing data and alerts you of any spend anomalies.



CloudZero connects cost data and engineering activity, giving you the context you need to investigate and understand what caused it.



The CloudZero Platform enables you to view your costs and dig into the resources they are attributed to, so you know exactly what makes up your cloud spend.

Get Alerted about Overspend in Slack or Your Incident Response Tool

CloudZero integrates with Slack and popular incident response tools, so you can track spend wherever you work. We’ll also give you regular updates on your current spend, so you can stay on top of where it stands.

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Add a Layer of Transparency to Your Cloud Bill

CloudZero demystified cloud billing, by using cloud cost monitoring– making your data available in an easy to understand format for DevOps and attributing associated engineering activities with your costs.

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The CloudZero Difference

CloudZero’s proprietary data processing method rapidly analyzes data, including CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, CloudWatch, and more—and connects it with billing data in real time. This enables us to bring more context to you than any other Cloud Optimization Platform.

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Learn how CloudZero can help you control your AWS costs.

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