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CloudZero Cloud Optimization Services for Engineers

CloudZero's cloud optimization services connects cost and engineering data to provide real-time AWS infrastructure visualization and insight into cloud spend.

Understand your billing impact.

Everytime you write a line of code or choose an instance to run your application, you’re making a buying decision. The problem is, as an engineer, you’re not always equipped with the data to know how each decision impacts the bottom line—or making an expensive mistake. That’s why CloudZero's cloud optimization services give you AWS infrastructure visualization and cost data in a format designed for engineers—so you know the impact of every change you make.



Continually monitor for accidental overspend.



Get the context you need to see exactly which changes led to a particular cost.



Visualize your AWS infrastructure and cloud bill .

Cost Anomaly Alert

Address Cost Mistakes in the Moment

Mistakes are part of the development process, but it can be painful when you accidentally rack up a big AWS bill. We’ll let you know as soon as your costs start to spike, so you can prevent overspend.

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Understand Your Own Cost Impact

CloudZero lets you view your individual or team costs, so you can see just the costs that matter to you. We’ll also show you a view that tunes out noise, like credits or support costs, so you can accurately track cost trends.

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Correlate cost with engineering activity

It can be tough when someone asks about your cloud bills, because they’re often missing important context. CloudZero lets you investigate each cost and shows you associated resources and recent changes, so you can more easily understand and explain your billing data.


The CloudZero Difference

CloudZero’s proprietary data processing method rapidly analyzes data, including CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, CloudWatch, and more—and connects it with billing data in real time. This enables us to bring more context to you than any other Cloud Optimization Platform.

See for Yourself

See how CloudZero can help you control your AWS costs.

See for Yourself.

Learn how CloudZero can help you optimize your AWS costs.

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