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CloudZero Cloud Cost Management for Finance

CloudZero gives companies visibility into cloud spend, so you can control costs and make better decisions.

Empower Engineering Teams with Cost Data

If you’ve ever asked your engineering team to explain or predict their cloud costs and come up short—you’re not alone. That's because, from their perspective, the smallest change can sometimes make a big, unexpected impact. To make matters worse, billing data provides little context, so it can be difficult to attribute it to a product, feature, team, or other business metrics. That’s why CloudZero's AWS cost optimization platform connects engineering and cost data, so you and your engineering team can understand exactly what resources make up your cloud bill and prevent overspend.


Stay on

Alert your team of overspend, so there are no surprises at the end of the month.


Billing Data

Connects engineering activity to cost data, so it can help you have more meaningful conversations with development and operations leaders.


Empower Engineers

Give engineers the information they need to make data-backed cost decisions.

Cost Anomaly Alert

Let Engineers Know When They've Triggered a Cost Spike

CloudZero alerts engineering teams know when there’s an unusual spike or upward trend, then lets them investigate exactly what caused it, so what could have been a huge bill becomes a little blip.

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View Costs by Team or Individual

CloudZero lets you divide up costs by role, so teams can take ownerships of their costs. 

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Use Data to Inform Decision Making

Because CloudZero ties engineering and cost data together, you can better understand the source of any cost. This helps you have a more meaningful conversation with engineering about how the cloud budget is being spent. 

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