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Get Alerted of Anomalous Cloud Spend

CloudZero's AWS billing alerts tell you when your spend spikes or steadily increases, so you can remediate or budget accordingly.

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your AWS bill, only to find out you’ve drained your budget—by writing a buggy line of code, installing a new tool, or maybe just leaving a resource on. The problem is that engineers are asked to make purchasing decisions every day, but lack context or feedback about their costs. That’s why CloudZero correlates cost and engineering data, and offers AWS billing alerts, so engineers can make smarter decisions and correct cost issues on the spot—not after they’ve already accidentally spent thousands.

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AWS Billing Alerts in Real-Time

Detect major changes to your AWS costs with AWS billing alerts or when you’re steadily trending upward, before your bill arrives.


Quickly Investigate

CloudZero automatically correlates your cost data to associated engineering activity, so you can figure out what happened.


Continuously Monitor

CloudZero will continue to monitor and ensure that your costs stay under your control.

Get alerts sent to Slack

CloudZero integrates with Slack and Incident Response tools, like OpsGenie, so you can receive cost alerts where your team already works.

Stop wasting time chasing down runaway costs.

CloudZero connects cost with the associated AWS resource, so you’re not chasing down billing line items that have been lumped together. You can investigate quickly and know exactly how your money was spent.

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Get Peace of Mind

It can be challenging to make changes, try out new kinds of infrastructure, and implement new tools when you feel like you’re never sure what the cost consequence will be. CloudZero helps you experiment and move forward without worrying you’ll be hit with a giant bill.

See for Yourself

Learn how CloudZero can help you monitor your spend and reduce your existing infrastructure costs.

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