Why CloudZero?

Because the tools built for yesterday's data center do not deliver in this New World. Only CloudZero provides a Serverless Intelligence Platform built for the New World.

Our Serverless Intelligence Platform understands the changing surface of your cloud environments, providing critical insights, and observations of all aspects of your cloud environment, including your accounts, managed services, functions and more.

Instead of

Reams of data from yet another log monitoring tool

We give you

A clean and clear understanding of what is going on in your cloud

CloudZero’s Serverless Intelligence Platform dashboard gives you an immediate understanding of what is going on in your cloud acount. From resources to events to billing records - the dashboard gives you access to everything that exists in your cloud.

Instead of

Agents installed on every resource to monitor its behavior

We give you

The ability to monitor your whole cloud account with no agents

CloudZero is agent-less and language agnostic. We listen to the cloud and put all the pieces together to create universal understanding of your cloud account.

Instead of

Symptomatic dashdoard metrics

We give you

Meaningful, actionable information about your cloud account

Our platform ingests AWS activity (i.e. events, API calls, traffic, etc.) from your cloud account and our algorithms provide actionable insights to optimize your cloud environment.

Instead of

Alerts for every granular change

We give you

Insights into intentional and anomalous change

Our machine learning algorithms are constantly observing and learning about your system. As your codebase, architecture and traffic change CloudZero learns what the new normal should be and only alerts you when something trully anomalous happens.

How do we do it?

CloudZero’s platform is built upon our proprietary Reactor technology to understand the cloud and deliver tremendous value to you. Our Reactor technology consumes all the data your cloud provider generates and gives you a holistic understanding of your cloud account.

The CloudZero Reactor

AWS cloud data is often noisy, inconsistent and hard to interpret. Each of its APIs are built by different teams and have varying levels of sophistication. New services crop up all the time. There's no good "big picture" view for your deployments in a single account, let alone across multiple accounts or regions. The data alone does not lead to insightful observations. The Reactor looks at everything in your cloud account and understands everything, the forrest and the trees.

The Reactor is the smart conduit between your AWS cloud account activity and CloudZero's platform. It's hosted by CloudZero, utilizes no agents, requires few IAM permissions and makes very few API requests. The Reactor ingests metadata from a variety of sources including the AWS APIs, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, VPC Flowlogs and more, with new sources integrated regularly. The Reactor's job is to normalize, categorize, relate and clarify metadata using algorithms based on a solid understanding of how AWS really works. When your cloud data exits the Reactor, it's in a form that makes unprecedented understanding possible.

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