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Learn how CloudZero puts engineering in control of cloud cost by connecting technical decisions to business results — helping you make better decisions to grow your margins. 

In this demo, you’ll see how the CloudZero Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform provides deep visibility into your AWS cost and correlates it with your application architecture, so you can understand the cost of building and running your products.

In your personalized demo, you’ll learn:

1. How you can align your company on shared cloud unit cost and business KPIs, like cost per customer, dev team, product feature, and more. Answer questions like:

  • Who are my most expensive customers?
  • How much does this specific feature cost our business?
  • Will this new feature drive enough sales to cover the cost of development?

2. How you can decentralize cost intelligence to your engineering teams, so they can make informed tradeoffs, without sacrificing velocity.

3. How you can monitor, control, and predict your AWS spend — like any other DevOps metric.

4. If you use Snowflake, how you can combine billing data from AWS + Snowflake to gain a holistic view of your COGS.