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Take the busy work out of cloud cost management.

CloudZero is a cloud cost management solution that automatically surfaces insights for engineering teams to control AWS cost—without building budgets and dashboards.

Designed for engineering teams at
cloud software companies

When your company is running on AWS, every line of code is a buying decision. Yet, cloud bills are so delayed and complex, that engineers cannot be expected to make educated decisions.  So when there's pressure to reduce costs and improve margins, engineering leaders are expected to control the uncontrollable.

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Rapid Cost Alerts

If a buggy line of code triggers a cost spike or steady trend upward, you’ll know in hours, not three weeks later when the bill arrives thousands  higher than you expected.

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Measure business metrics that matter most.

Business value isn't measured in cost of your EC2 instances. CloudZero helps you understand your cost by the KPIs that matter, so you can control your margins and make cost-informed decisions about your roadmap, pricing, and more. 

Identify opportunities to optimize.

CloudZero's cloud cost management will benchmark your spend against other customers and AWS best practices, so you can see areas where you’re potentially wasting money.  

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Connect cost to underlying engineering activity

CloudZero cloud cost management lets you drill down into any cost to the resource level, then gives you context about properties and recent changes, so you can figure out exactly what caused it.  

CloudZero gives me a different perspective about my costs than I have with just AWS Cost Explorer. I love that I can click on any cost and see a breakdown of the resources that are causing it.

Rob McDonald | VP Engineering, Zaius

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