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Actionable Serverless Intelligence

Faster Dev, Easy Ops, All Secure.
Built in the New World, for the New World.


The New World

Embracing serverless technology enables an exciting new approach to solving the challenges of modern-day computing requirements by truly leveraging the cloud. This new world is one where developers bring applications to market faster, no longer manage infrastructure, and only pay for the compute time they use.


Adopting serverless also requires a new approach to understanding and managing the complex operational challenges of cloud environments. Today’s monitoring and log-aggregation tools were built to manage traditional, server-centric environments and were never designed to function within the new serverless world. As a result, those who manage cloud environments can’t make sense of what’s really going on.

The CloudZero Difference

We see the cloud differently, as a computer that can be observed in its entirety. That is what allows us to see all of your cloud, accounts, managed services, and functions. We can see the forest and the trees.

Our platform collects all of your cloud activity, events, api calls and traffic into a single stream of events that is normalized and organized chronologically. If something happens in your cloud account, our platform knows about it.

Understanding Your System

Our platform identifies events, resources, and relationships in your serverless system and correlates and synthesizes them to provide insights.

What this means is that our Serverless Intelligence Platform allows you to spend more time developing applications, innovating, and providing value to your customers. And less time finding and fixing problems in the cloud.

…And Beyond!

CloudZero is working towards providing even more insight to your Serverless System. If you’d like to know what we are working on schedule a demo.