Cloud Cost Management for AWS

CloudZero is the first cloud cost optimization solution to correlate engineering activity to cloud cost data, so you can immediately detect overspend, then understand the root cause.

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Zero Surprises. Zero Lost Time.

Put your engineering budget toward building—not wasted cloud spend.

Cost Anomaly Alert

Never let your cloud bill be a surprise.

CloudZero will let you know when you have an uptick in cloud spend or are trending steadily upward.  Then, you can view associated engineering activity to immediately get to the bottom of it.

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Spend Observations Alert

Identify opportunities to optimize.

CloudZero will help you to identify opportunities to make better use of your resources, whether it’s by optimizing reserved instances, choosing a different EC2 size, or making an architectural change to your application.

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Explore your cloud costs.

CloudZero makes it easy to understand exactly how you're spending your cloud dollars by giving you high level summaries plus the ability to drill into any cost.  CloudZero is the only platform that connects engineering and cost data, so you can discover how every change impacts your spend.

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CloudZero for Engineers
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CloudZero for DevOps
Make cost a first class metric and monitor for overspend. See How
CloudZero for Finance
Enable your business to control cloud costs. See How

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