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Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform


First of all, we like to pay for ourselves.

During your free trial, we'll perform a waste assessment of your entire infrastructure, with no cost or obligation to you. We'll find savings and help you reduce your bill before you ever sign on as a customer.
But that's just the beginning. From there, we'll help you build a culture of cost-conscious engineering, so you're preventing wasted AWS spend before it happens.

Platform Tiers


CloudZero Pricing



Why a flat rate and not a percentage of savings? 

You may be wondering why we don't price like other cost companies, who promise to cut waste and take a percentage of those savings. Well, we'd rather prevent you from introducing that waste in the first place by empowering engineers to build better architecture and detect issues early. Unfortunately for us, it's hard to charge you a percent of money you never spent in the first place.
Plus, we'll still help you cut your waste up front. You're just not required to give us a cut, unless you see value in CloudZero beyond that initial assessment.

What CloudZero helps us to do is figure out how we can continue to encourage our customers to use more of our expensive features, while we make those features more affordable to operate.

Freedom Dumlao | Chief Architect, Drift

See for Yourself

With CloudZero, we can see what we’re spending per individual feature and product easier than within the AWS billing console.

Freedom Dumlao Chief Architect, Drift