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Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform

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CloudZero pricing depends on the complexity and size of your AWS environment, so we’ll need to get in touch to give you an accurate quote.

The bottom line? Our ROI and savings always outweigh our price.

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Percentage Of Spend Is So 2012

We heard most people aren’t a fan of the percentage of spend model — and we aren’t either. We’ll determine a flat rate based on the size and complexity of your AWS infrastructure, then lock it in. We’ll never penalize you for growth.

"CloudZero has helped to alleviate concerns about the predictability of our cloud costs. Our CFO has been aware of our bills and he’s very pleased. There haven’t been any awkward conversations since, because we’ve been able to keep everything very well understood."

Greg Farrow

Principal Technical Architect, ResponseTap

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Top 9 Reasons To Try CloudZero

Cost Per Customer Dashboard
Product And Feature Cost Mapping
Automatic Tagging Assistance
Cloud Cost Intelligence Reporting
Anomaly Detection And Slack Integration
Unlimited AWS Accounts
Unlimited User Access To The CloudZero Platform
Support And Customer Success
Kubernetes Cost Analysis (Optional)
Enhanced Unit Cost Analysis (Optional)

Results That Speak For Themselves


less time managing cloud cost

Dots Validity


more costs allocated without tagging

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million reduction in annual cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud cost intelligence is about aligning cost to your business and stakeholders, so cost becomes a meaningful data point as you discuss cost tradeoffs throughout your entire product life cycle. Sure, we'll help you identify waste — but that’s only a piece of it. You’ll also proactively save where it matters most — and unfortunately for us we can't take a percentage of the money you never spend.
Yes. Every customer has a dedicated cost intelligence expert who will:


  • Ensure you the platform is up to date and that your resources are properly organized into the groups you care about.
  • Provide optimization reports that show areas for improvement.
  • Become an extension of your team to answer questions and provide recommendations.
  • Run custom reports as needed.
Yes, CloudZero is designed to keep your AWS data secure. We are SOC2 Type 2 Compliant. Read about our access permissions here.
You can connect to the CloudZero platform in minutes and start seeing value right away. While some special projects may require you to provide us with data, generally getting started requires very little effort.
We get your skepticism — and this is exactly why we offer a free trial to prove it. Many of those customer logos on our website didn't believe us either — and we love seeing their delight when we deliver.
We know machine learning isn't a magic panacea. But, it can help to automate some very painful processes — like tagging or detecting runaway costs. We use machine learning to make a lot of painful and time-consuming aspects of optimization — just work.