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Cost Anomaly Detection

Build fast with cost guardrails

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Budgeting And Forecasting

Drive accountability and stay on budget

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Discount Optimization Dashboard

Manage all your discounts in one place

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CloudZero Dimensions

Organize spend to match your business

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Cost Per Customer
Cost Per Customer Analysis

Understand your cloud unit economics and measure cost per customer

Kubernetes Cost Analysis
Kubernetes Cost Analysis

Discover and monitor your real Kubernetes and container costs

Unit Cost Analysis
Unit Cost Analysis

Measure and monitor the unit metrics that matter most to your business

Cost Allocation
Tagging And Cost Allocation

Allocate cost and gain cost visibility even if your tagging isn’t perfect

SaaS COGS Measurement

Identify and measure your software COGS

Engineering Cost Awareness
Engineering Cost Awareness

Decentralize cost decisions to your engineering teams

Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Cost Optimization

Automatically identify wasted spend, then proactively build cost-effective infrastructure

Migration Cost Monitoring
Migration Cost Monitoring

Monitor your AWS cost and track progress in real-time as you move to the cloud

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All Your Cloud Spend, In One View

CloudZero ingests data from AWS, GCP, Azure, Snowflake, Kubernetes, and more

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CloudZero Advisor

Compare pricing and get advice on AWS services including EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, and more

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How SeatGeek Measures Cost Per Customer

Discover how SeatGeek decoded its AWS bill and measures cost per customer

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How Skyscanner Creates A Cost-Aware Culture

Learn how Skyscanner decentralized cloud cost to their engineering teams

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How Malwarebytes Measures Cost Per Customer

Learn how Malwarebytes measures cloud cost per product

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How Remitly Shifts Cloud Costs Left

Learn how Remitly built an engineering culture of cost autonomy

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How Ninjacat Combines AWS And Snowflake Spend

Discover how Ninjacat uses cloud cost intelligence to inform business decisions

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How Smartbear Uses Cloud Cost To Inform GTM Strategies

Learn Smartbear optimized engineering use and inform go-to-market strategies

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CloudZero Essentials

Build cost optimized software from square one. Get all of the features you need — without paying for the ones you don’t.


About CloudZero Essentials

CloudZero Essentials enables companies early in their AWS journey to build cost-optimized software and eliminate waste. For businesses spending less than $1M annually on AWS, the program offers a tailored collection of features and services, designed for high-impact results at an accessible price point.

About CloudZero Essentials

Start Your Journey To Cost Optimization

Whether you’re in the middle of a migration or building new applications on AWS — understanding the cost impact of engineering decisions is essential. The CloudZero Essentials provides you with the tools to control spend, get the visibility you need, and empower engineering to own cost. When you’re ready, you can add on more advanced features.


Get Expert Help With Tagging And Best Practices

Whether you have a world class tagging strategy or your environment is a mess — CloudZero will enable you to skip the months-long tagging exercise. You'll get immediate cost visibility without having to tag.

Empower Dev Teams

Detect Cost Anomalies And Build With Guardrails

CloudZero automatically sends updates and anomalies to Slack, without requiring you to set budget thresholds, so you can move quickly without overspending.

Get Cost Visibility As You Build, Migrate, Or Modernize

CloudZero provides you with visibility into the cost of your products, so you can keep tabs on your progress of any initiative and easily report on your cost.

Relevant Cost Visibility

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"[CloudZero] provides exposure to cost data to engineers with an intuitive interface and anomaly detection via Slack. We were able to quickly identify a number of areas to eliminate waste, and have caught more than a few changes that where simple changes to the application saved us thousands of dollars a month."

Sean MacIssac

Former CISO/CTO/EVP Infrastructure, Yext

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Let Engineers Track and Explore Their Costs

CloudZero is designed for engineering teams, so it’s easy to explore, drill down, and answer cost questions — all without expertise.

Track MAP Credits And Tags

If you’re a part of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), CloudZero offers a dedicated dashboard to track your credits and ensure your infrastructure is properly tagged.





What Our Customers Say

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“Before CloudZero, we had a weekend where somebody left a debug log on, which led to some pretty significant costs. That kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore. With CloudZero’s anomaly alert feature, the engineering team no longer has to worry about retroactively catching these mistakes."

Brian Morehead

VP of Cloud Operations, Malwarebytes

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