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Implementing a Comprehensive Tagging Strategy on AWS

On-Demand Webinar

If your business is running on AWS, your tagging strategy can make or break your ability to make sense of your infrastructure. With proper implementation, tagging can help you easily manage, search, filter, and report on your resources. However, for many companies, tags can be a source of pain, whether because of inconsistent implementation or a lack of strategy to begin with. In this webinar, Greg Fusco, SA at CloudZero will review a step-by-step guide to building out and implementing a comprehensive tagging strategy on AWS.

In this workshop, learn:

  • How to align your tagging strategy with your company goals 
  • A straightforward framework and process to design and implement your strategy 
  • Tagging across different dimensions, including technical, business, security, and automation 
  • What to do when your tagging isn’t great, but you need visibility now. 

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