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Anycost Integrations Left

CloudZero AnyCost

Any Cost Source,
All In One View

No need to wait for an official adaptor or integrations that are “Coming Soon.” With the AnyCost™ API and common data model, analyze all of your cloud, PaaS, and SaaS spend immediately.

Anycost Integrations Right
Demystify Cloud Spend

A Unified View Of Your Multi-Service Stack

CloudZero ingests 100% of your billing data, normalizes it in a common data model, and presents it in a single pane of glass.

The First Step Toward Complete Allocation

CloudZero AnyCost ensures that your spend data has zero blind spots — an essential first step toward 100% allocation.

First Step Toward Complete Allocation

100% Provider Compatibility — Yes, Even That One

There’s no cloud provider too obscure for us to handle. This is just a sampling of the costs we’ve managed for customers to date:




Sumo Logic




Oracle Cloud

AnyCost API

Customer Stories

Unified AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes costs — and drove 36% cloud savings

CloudZero bridges AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes, giving us a single pane of glass. It’s the first place we go to see how much something costs, and it’s a single source of truth for our finance, product, and engineering teams.

Michael Waltz

Micheal Waltz

Principal DevOps Engineer, Demandbase

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Combined AWS and Snowflake data for seamless cost intelligence

Now that my Snowflake and AWS spend is organized according to our business, I can look at our different products and features, explore usage history, and see what specifically is driving cost trends.

Ninjacat Avatar


IT Manager, Ninjacat

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Financial Control And Predictability In The Cloud

Eliminate wasteful spending, ship efficient code, and innovate profitably — all in one platform.