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View 100% Of Your Spend In A Business-Relevant Framework

With CloudZero Dimensions, sort your cloud spend by customers, products, features, teams — and whatever else matters to your business.

Build Any Dimension, And View Your Spend However You Want

Combine standard and custom Dimensions to sort your spend by whichever parameters matter most to your business.

Complete Real Time Allocation

Complete, Real-Time Allocation

CloudZero uses CostFormation®, a domain-specific language to allocate 100% of your spend — regardless of your tagging quality.

Accurate Shared Cost Allocation

Accurate Shared Cost Allocation

Say goodbye to rough estimates and spreadsheet math. CloudZero uses business- and system-level telemetry data to accurately allocate shared costs.

Multi Dimensional Spend Views

Multi-Dimensional Spend Views

Layer Dimensions to get nuanced views like: cost per product per customer, cost per feature per product, cost per microservice per team, and more.

Explore Dimensions, And Pinpoint Spend Drivers

Once you’ve created your Dimensions, use CloudZero Explorer to drill into them and view complete underlying resource costs. See exactly what’s driving your cloud spend — and make informed cost-efficiency changes.

  • Drill into cloud spend
  • Rank spend by % or $ change
  • Quickly answer questions
Explore Dimensions
Complete Cost Allocation

Tap Into The Power Of Complete Allocation

CloudZero Dimensions are the most powerful cloud cost segmentations on the market. Why? Because CloudZero CostFormation® can allocate all cloud, PaaS, and SaaS costs — including taggable, untaggable, shared, and multi-tenant costs. No one else can do that as quickly and accurately.

  • 100% cost allocation
  • Edit Dimensions in real time
  • Accurate shared cost allocation

Get Maximum Time And Resource Granularity

CloudZero lets you see all spend, from all Dimensions, down to the resource level, and at a level of hourly granularity. So, if a product’s costs tend to spike for two hours each weekday afternoon, you can see it, investigate which resources are driving it, and determine whether it’s necessary.

Maximum Time Resource Granularity

Customer Stories

Used cost per customer to refine GTM strategy

CloudZero allowed us to work with our product marketing team on how to continue to package our products in a way that so our customers always receive maximum value, while also supporting our business model. It has also helped us make earlier-stage development decisions to support strong cloud economics.

Martin Loewinger Smartbear

Martin Loewinger

Vice President of Cloud Engineering

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Gained extremely granular cloud cost visibility

With other cost tools, we could get a very broad view of cost or line-item accounting, but we couldn’t traverse between micro and macro levels. The level of detail CloudZero gives is really helpful.

Michael Weinberg

Michael Weinberg

Infrastructure Engineering Manager, SeatGeek

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Reduced cloud spend by 23% and powered advanced analytics

Analytics is a key next step in the cloud cost intelligence framework. Our most powerful CloudZero users are already adept at using the platform to find cost insights, but Analytics extends that same power to anyone with a vested interest in keeping our cloud use cost-efficient. We’ve only just begun to see how significant of an impact this can have on our cloud ROI.

Robert Mason

Robert Mason

CTO, Applause

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Supercharge Your FinOps Maturity

Cost Allocation

Cost Allocation

CloudZero CostFormation® allocates 100% of your spend — regardless of your tagging quality — giving you complete visibility, in a framework gauged to your business structure.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

CloudZero provides a full suite of cost optimization capabilities: out-of-the-box discount analytics, human- and platform-driven savings insights, expert coaching, and integrations with industry-leading automation services.

Financial Control And Predictability In The Cloud

Eliminate wasteful spending, ship efficient code, and innovate profitably — all in one platform.