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View Real-Time Spend Through Any Lens, At Any Time

See 100% of your spend through a single pane of glass. Drill down from Dimensions to resources to root out rogue instances. Answer every cost question you have — and ones you didn’t know you had.

The Most Powerful Interface For Ad-Hoc Spend Exploration

CloudZero Explorer puts relevant, timely data at your engineers’ fingertips. It’s like a FinOps Rosetta Stone: translating 100% of your spend into a common data model and letting all cloud stakeholders see it in the ways that matter to them.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Single source of FinOps truth
  • Monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly data granularity
Metrics That Matter

Map Your Spend To Your Business’s Central Value Drivers

Use standard and custom Dimensions — like cost per customer, per product, per segment, per feature, and per team — to view your spend in a framework that mirrors your business.

  • Unparalleled data quality
  • Zero spend blind spots
  • Seamless self-service experience

See How Costs Are Changing — And Why

Rank your costs by dollar change or percent change to see how individual Dimension and resource costs have changed in a given interval. Pinpoint and investigate spend spikes, proactively keeping them under control.

  • Automatic resource cost ranking
  • One-click drill-down capability
  • Easy spend management workflow
Optimize Cloud Efficiency
Reveal Savings Opportunities

Power Engineering-Led Optimization For Durable Cloud Savings

True cloud efficiency starts with cost-effective, scalable code. Through CloudZero Explorer, engineers can see the real-time cost consequences of the code they ship — and act fast if they catch something abnormal.

  • Send anomalies and reports to relevant engineers
  • Drive cost-accountable engineering
  • Create a positive FinOps feedback loop

Customer Stories

Simplified waste reduction and decentralized cost accountability

[CloudZero’s] ad-hoc exploration is huge. I can limit down to a set of tags, drill down into what’s expensive and what isn’t, and come up with informed ideas of what might be driving that cost.

Dan Sabath

Senior Software Engineer, Hiya

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Reduced time spent managing cost by 90%

CloudZero truly gives us a heartbeat of our spend at all times.

Validity Logo Icon

Adam Walker

VP of Infrastructure and Security, Validity

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Supercharge Your FinOps Maturity

Cost Allocation

Cost Allocation

CloudZero CostFormation® allocates 100% of your spend — regardless of your tagging quality — giving you complete visibility, in a framework gauged to your business structure.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

CloudZero provides a full suite of cost optimization capabilities: out-of-the-box discount analytics, human- and platform-driven savings insights, expert coaching, and integrations with industry-leading automation services.

Financial Control And Predictability In The Cloud

Eliminate wasteful spending, ship efficient code, and innovate profitably — all in one platform.