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CloudZero Launches Automated Savings Insights, Helping Engineers Prioritize Cost Efficiency

New automated insights compare cloud spend to rigorous standards of normalcy, giving engineers a simple optimization workflow.

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Customer Stories

Neon Customer Story
How Neon Used CloudZero To Increase Engineering Cost Ownership By 700%


increase in cost ownership

How Symphony Talent Reduced AWS Costs By 48% Through Engineering-Led Optimizations


reduction in AWS costs

How Upstart Used CloudZero To Help Reduce Cloud Costs By $20M


reduction in cloud spend


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CloudZero Helped This Business Spark A Culture Shift Around Cloud Costs
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5 Ways CloudZero Found Savings Using Its Own Platform

The State Of Cloud
Cost In 2024

We surveyed 1,000 finance and engineering professionals on the state of their cloud costs in 2024. Here’s what we found …


CloudZero Advisor

Compare Cloud Resource Prices

CloudZero Advisor is a free tool (no login required) that lets you compare the finer points of AWS services like EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, and more.

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Within two weeks, we had already found enough savings to pay for a year’s worth of license. It was that good — that intuitive.
Stuart Davidson

Stuart Davidson

Platform Engineering Lead, Skyscanner

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