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Automated Cost Intelligence For Enhanced Visibility And Savings

Analytics lets CloudZero customers pair business fundamentals with automated business intelligence — powering unparalleled cloud-native business efficiency.

Metrics That Matter

Combine Cloud Business Fundamentals And Business Intelligence

Get even more out of CloudZero’s powerful data model. Create custom visualizations for any strategic objective — migrations, unit cost metric analyses, savings projects, and more. Then, share the reports with all who need to see them.

  • 20+ data visualizations
  • 10 standard dashboards
  • Easy self-service

Engage Engineers With Automated Reporting

Once you’ve set up a dashboard, you can share its data either on an ad-hoc or recurring basis. Analytics data can be exported as a CSV, PDF, or PNG file, in the form of an email or a webhook.

  • On-demand and scheduled reports
  • Dashboard snapshots
  • Raw Analytics data
Engineering Engagement
Ingest All Cloud Spend

Integrate CloudZero Data With Third-Party BI Tools

CloudZero’s webhook export lets you integrate Analytics with any automation tool, such as MuleSoft and Zapier, to deliver CloudZero data to hundreds of other applications.

Lock Down Cloud Cost Basics With The Standard Dashboard Library

All CloudZero users get access to the Standard Dashboard Library, 10 dashboards that provide one-click access to fundamental cloud cost info — including: AWS reservation coverage, tag coverage, invoice reconciliation, EC2 usage, and more.

  • Tagged/Untagged spend overview
  • Three-month spend forecast
  • Full cloud resource inventory
Tagging Overview

Customer Stories

Reduced cloud spend by 23% and powered advanced analytics

Analytics is a key next step in the cloud cost intelligence framework. Our most powerful CloudZero users are already adept at using the platform to find cost insights, but Analytics extends that same power to anyone with a vested interest in keeping our cloud use cost-efficient. We’ve only just begun to see how significant of an impact this can have on our cloud ROI.

Robert Mason

Robert Mason

CTO, Applause

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Reduced annual cloud costs by 36%

[CloudZero] is our go-to tool to understand cloud costs … it’s a single source of truth for our finance, product, and engineering teams.

Michael Waltz

Micheal Waltz

Principal DevOps Engineer, Demandbase

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Reduced time spent managing cost by 90%

CloudZero truly gives us a heartbeat of our spend at all times.

Validity Logo Icon

Adam Walker

VP of Infrastructure and Security, Validity

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Supercharge Your FinOps Maturity

Cost Allocation

Cost Allocation

CloudZero CostFormation® allocates 100% of your spend — regardless of your tagging quality — giving you complete visibility, in a framework gauged to your business structure.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

CloudZero provides a full suite of cost optimization capabilities: out-of-the-box discount analytics, human- and platform-driven savings insights, expert coaching, and integrations with industry-leading automation services.

Financial Control And Predictability In The Cloud

Eliminate wasteful spending, ship efficient code, and innovate profitably — all in one platform.