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Timely, Complete Cloud Cost Visibility

Gain access to our extensive library of pre-built and customizable dashboards, tailored to meet all your cloud cost reporting needs.

Most Popular Dashboards

Below are the top three favorite dashboards as reported by CloudZero customers.

Cost Per Daily Active User (DAU)

See how product usage impacts your cost per daily active user, along with the features driving those costs.

Cost Reporting For Finance

See a month-over-month view of your billing data, organized how finance expects you to report.

Cloud Cost Savings

See your cloud spend and overall efficiency before and after deploying CloudZero.

Just A Sampling Of What’s Possible In CloudZero

CloudZero Analytics automates the dissemination of actionable cloud cost data
through a modern business intelligence experience.

Cost Reporting By Usage Date

See a month-over-month view of your billing and usage data, sorted by any Dimension your business needs.

AWS EC2 Overview

How good is your Effective Savings Rate (ESR), and could a different portfolio of commitments improve it?

Resource Inventory

A total collation of all your cloud resources, including associated costs, and pointing you to the business units they support.

AWS Reservation Coverage

How well are your AWS reservations performing, and where might there be room for improvement?

Clear Out Old EBS Snapshots

See snapshots older than 90 days, trace them to their sources, and make remediation easy to avoid cloud waste.

Invoice Reconciliation

Combine your cloud invoice data with other CloudZero data, ensuring accuracy and simplifying end-of-month reporting.

Forecasted Month-End Costs

What will you likely spend on the cloud in the next three months? Does it align with your expectations? If not, how might you control it?

AWS Reservation Catalog

See a comprehensive roll-off schedule, including reservation start and end dates, and which are set to expire this month.

Tagged Spend Overview

What costs are associated with each of your tag keys? Where might there be opportunities for optimization?

Untagged Spend Overview

Where do you have tagging gaps/inaccuracies, and what’s the quickest way to fill them?

Financial Control And Predictability In The Cloud

Eliminate wasteful spending, ship efficient code, and innovate profitably — all in one platform.