Managed Cloud Insights for AWS

Let us think about cost so you can focus on innovating faster. Our team uses the CloudZero Platform to analyze your billing data and provide custom insights that explain why costs are changing, so you can avoid expensive mistakes and forecast future spend -- all while building a cost-conscious DevOps culture.





Significant Cost Savings

Our Managed Insights customers see an average bill reduction of 30% and have peace of mind to innovate rapidly using the latest AWS services without cost surprises. In a world where cloud engineers make buying decisions every day, CloudZero provides you the insight and advice required to build and operate without slowing down.


Technology Driven Insights

Our managed services team leverages CloudZero's proprietary platform utilizing the latest in AWS Serverless technology. The CloudZero platform analyzes massive amounts of cloud data, and provides real-time anomaly detection. Say goodbye to surprising AWS bills and get ready to proactively build well-architected, cost-effective applications.


Trustworthy and Secure

CloudZero processes data from hundreds of millions of dollars in annual AWS spend today. To ensure our customers data is secure the CloudZero platform uses delegated cross-account access roles and is isolated to ensure your sensitive data never leaves AWS or your control. CloudZero has also met the AWS Advanced Technology Partner requirements.




The CloudZero Platform

CloudZero is the first cloud optimization platform to connect engineering activity to cost data in real time. With CloudZero, you can know the real cost of your cloud operations, and understand the cost impact of engineering decisions. Our technology utilizes no agents, requires few IAM permissions and makes very efficient API requests. The platform ingests metadata from a variety of sources including the AWS APIs, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, VPC Flow logs, Billing and more, with new sources integrated regularly. CloudZero transforms real-time cloud metadata into insights that make cloud cost efficiency and rapid innovation possible.



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