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AWS Migration Cost Savings

Migrate To AWS With Cost Confidence

Monitor your AWS cost and track progress in real time as you move to the cloud.


Tracking the cost of your migration shouldn't feel like guesswork. 

Migrating your applications for AWS requires more than just lifting and shifting them into the cloud. But without visibility, it's impossible to ensure you're making effective architectural decisions to optimize.



Give engineering teams an instant cost feedback loop.

CloudZero connects your architecture and AWS costs — so you know exactly how much every aspect of your products cost to run. Engineers will get alerted of changes and can explore progress of every product feature, application, and more in real time.


CloudZero cloud cost intelligence data is self service and puts cost into the context that makes sense to engineers — so you can break down silos and build a culture of team autonomy.


Make migration cost clear and predictable — for you and your finance team. 

With CloudZero, there won't be any billing surprises — so you don't need to prepare yourself for any uncomfortable end of month conversations. CloudZero also aligns cost to your business KPIs, like unit cost and cost per product feature, so you can discuss your AWS investment in a language they understand.

AWS Migration Cost Strategy
Greg Farrow

Before CloudZero, I spent many long hours trying to create predictions and projections about what [our cost during migration] might look like, but it was only when we actually did the work that we would find out.

Greg Farrow | Principal Technical Architect

Accelerate the learning curve to cloud savvy engineering. 

On AWS, the cost of each app isn't fixed just because you pushed to prod. CloudZero helps you understand how your costs evolve as a result of new customers, changes in feature utilization, and more. Engineers will quickly start to connect the dots and proactively understand how different factors will affect cost.




Greg Farrow

When we start projects, we can closely monitor the cost to make sure that they are what we expected them to be —and we can react quickly if they’re not. If we’re building a new service, we can see quite clearly in CloudZero how our costs are affected as soon as it starts to take traffic.

Greg Farrow | Principal Technical Architect

Migrate faster to AWS with cost guardrails.

CloudZero delivers automatic anomaly alerts and updates to engineering teams in Slack, so they'll know immediately if a change they made had unintended consequences — so you can adopt and experiment away.




Migrate With Confidence

We've been able to shift products up from physical data centers to the cloud, while still saving money on what otherwise probably would have been astronomical spend.

Freedom Dumlao
Adam Walker VP of Infrastructure and Security, Validity