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The CloudZero Difference

Why Traditional Cost Management Fails

Cloud costs have been accelerating uncontrollably for years. Why hasn’t traditional cost management worked — and how can companies evolve?

The Problem?

Cloud Costs Are Hard To Control, Predict, And Afford

Why haven’t incumbent cost management tools cracked the code?

Tagging Woes

87% of organizations use tagging as their main method of allocation — and on average, allocate just 75% of their cloud costs.

Shared Resources

Shared resources — like S3 buckets and Kubernetes clusters — can’t be tagged, leading to major blind spots.

Engineering Engagement

Without complete, accurate cost data, engineers can’t take cost management into their own hands.

Tagging Resources Engagement
Company Obstacles

These Obstacles And Others Lead To …

Wasted Money

When you don’t know what you’re spending money on, it’s impossible to make informed savings decisions.

Wasted Time

Teams spend hours on cost allocation and analysis, diverting resources away from differentiated innovation and strategy.

Departmental Misalignment

Finance and engineering teams speak different languages, and traditional cost management tools can’t translate.

The Solution

Cloud Cost Intelligence:
A Modern Approach

CloudZero is the first platform to put relevant, timely cost data at engineers’ fingertips, letting them proactively manage their cloud costs.

Cloud Cost Intellingence Approach Cloud Cost Intellingence Approach Mobile

Crossing The Chasm:
Before And After
Cloud Cost Intelligence

Use Case



Cost Allocation

Wasting time and money on manual tagging

100% spend allocation, regardless of tagging quality


Segregated provider costs lead to low data quality and time wasted on manual analysis

Integrated provider costs to create a single source of truth for all cloud stakeholders

Kubernetes Visibility

Low visibility reduces data quality and increases risk of overspending

Elite visibility maximizes data quality and minimizes overspending risk

Cost Optimization

Focusing on better buying (RIs, SPs) doesn’t engage engineers, and has little impact on cloud efficiency

Giving engineers relevant, timely data enables them to build and manage cost-effective software

Unit Economics

Approximate metrics (e.g., average cost per customer) offer limited business impact

Precise unit metrics power high-impact business decisions

FinOps Partnership

One centralized team is accountable for all cloud cost goals

Cost accountability is decentralized to individual engineers

LawnStarter is building two new delivery teams to help us expand into new home care verticals. It’s a direct result of proving efficiency with CloudZero. It’s not just efficiency for its own sake — it’s helping us grow our business the way we want to.

Alberto Silveira

Head of Engineering at LawnStarter

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CloudZero Puts Cost Management In Terms Everyone Can Understand

CloudZero aligns all teams around a shared cloud cost language.

Drive Cost-Conscious Engineering

Cost Allocation Thumb

Allocate 100% of costs without any additional tagging

Instant Access Spend Data

Get instant access to relevant,
timely spend data

Ai Spend Anomaly

Receive AI-powered anomaly alerts when costs spike

Connect Building Decissions

Connect building decisions
to cost consequences

Clarify And Strengthen Your Unit Economics

Empower Engineers

Empower engineers to proactively manage cloud costs

Refine Pricing

Refine your GTM strategy based on unit cost metrics

Strengthen Cogs

Strengthen your COGS and expand your gross margin

Combine Standard And Custom

Combine Standard and Custom Dashboards for advanced views

CloudZero Provides A Single Source Of Truth For FinOps Teams

Common Language

Establish a common language for all cloud stakeholders

Drive Cost Conscious

Decentralize cost accountability to engineering teams

Cloud Budget

Set accurate budget, make informed forecasts, and minimize variance 

Cross Functional

Promote cross-functional collaboration and productivity

CloudZero Powers High-Quality, Cost-Efficient Software

Explore Full Cost

View your complete cost environment through any lens, at any time

Recieve Anomaly Alerts

Receive AI-powered anomaly alerts when costs spike

Connect Building Decisions

Connect building decisions to cost consequences

Optimize Cost Quality

Quantify and optimize your cost/quality trade-off

Hear From Customers Who Traded Traditional Cost Management For Cloud Cost Intelligence

Optimized go-to-market models using cost per customer data

CloudZero has helped us raise revenues without using additional engineering resources. We’re building overall value.

Laurent Py

Laurent Py

Senior Vice President of Product Management, Smartbear

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Saved 10 hours a week on manual cost management activities

Cloud cost is now a very small portion of my day — and by very small, I mean I don’t have to think about it anymore. I always dreamed about a solution that could take me out of the picture, and that’s why we landed at CloudZero.

Testimonial 2 Avatar

Shawn LoPresto

DevOps Architect, Malwarebytes

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Used unit cost data to help sustain a -0.6% cloud spend growth rate

CloudZero [figures] heavily into our post-facto decision-making process. When we deploy a method of addressing customer needs, we can analyze how it impacted our AWS costs, and we can direct engineering resources at the issues with more accuracy.

Dan Sabath

Senior Software Engineer, Hiya

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Financial Control And Predictability In The Cloud

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