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Get Precise Cost Per Customer Calculations

No more rough estimates. Use precise cost per customer data to find optimizations, refine pricing, and run a more efficient business.

Unit Economics

100% allocation

Shared costs

Multi-tenant costs

Margin per customer

Metrics That Matter

Stop Settling For Average

Most platforms use crude math to show you your average cost per customer. CloudZero combines billing and telemetry data to give you precise cost per customer calculations.

Reveal — And Act On — Hidden Savings Opportunities

Noticing concerning cost trends within a customer or segment? CloudZero combines human- and platform-driven insights to show you how to save — via opportunities that go way beyond reservations and savings plans.

Reveal Savings Opportunities
Power Healthy Spending

Assess Customer Profitability, And Refine Your GTM Strategy

Your biggest customer isn’t always your most profitable. Use CloudZero’s cost per customer data to assess the efficiency of your GTM strategy — marketing, pricing, renewals — and maximize customer profitability.

Drive Sustainable Unit Economics

As your company scales, your cloud costs will naturally grow, too. CloudZero’s Unit Costs feature shows you whether that cost growth is healthy — and if not, how to make the most impactful optimizations.

Optimize Cloud Efficiency

Customer Stories

How cost per customer helped Drift reduce annual cloud costs by $2.4M

Our job as an engineering team is to make our customers more successful. What CloudZero helps us to do is figure out how we can continue to encourage our customers to use more of our expensive features, while we make those features more affordable to operate.

Freedom Dumlao

Chief Architect, Drift

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How cost per customer, product, team, and region let Hiya make more informed business decisions

[CloudZero] will inform whether we go forward with new initiatives. Whether we launch in new regions, whether we engage new partners, how we structure those deals, where we focus our energy.

Dan Sabath

Senior Software Engineer, Hiya

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How CloudZero Powers Efficient Innovation

Unit Cost Small

Unit Cost

Develop and monitor metrics that act as barometers for healthy cloud spend: cost per customer, per product, per feature, per team — or whatever is most central to your business.



CloudZero Insights collects savings opportunities found by your team, your FinOps Account Manager, and by the CloudZero platform’s automated algorithms.