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Your Single Source Of Truth For Cloud Cost Savings

Proactively manage cloud costs and drive meaningful business insights.

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How It Works

CloudZero lets you analyze your cloud investment faster and more
accurately than ever before.

Connect Any Source

Connect any cost source

Ingest any cloud, PaaS, and SaaS spend — including AWS, GCP, Azure, Snowflake, Kubernetes, and more.

Organize Spend By Dimension

Organize spend by dimension

Organize spend by any dimension you care about, including cost per customer, feature, and more.

Reveal Spending Opportunities

Reveal hidden savings opportunities

Empower your engineers with relevant, timely cost data that lets them find optimizations only they can find.

Visibility That Drives Action

CloudZero gives engineers the right data at the right time — empowering them to proactively manage their cloud costs.

Allocate All Spend —
No Tagging Required

With CloudZero, you can organize cost data with or without tags — giving you instant visibility and control without slowing down engineering. 

Overview Allocate Resources
Overview Measure Unit Cost

Measure Unit Costs, Optimize SaaS Metrics

CloudZero transforms your spend data into business-relevant metrics, so you can turn a chaotic bill into a trove of insights.

Automatically Detect Cost Spikes

Our AI-powered anomaly detection automatically defines “normal” spend and alerts the right people when it spikes. No manual tuning necessary.

Automatically Detect Cost Spikes
Crack Kubernetes Cost

Crack The Code On Kubernetes Cost

CloudZero allocates 100% of your Kubernetes costs, integrates it with the rest of your cloud spend, and presents it at a level of hourly granularity.

Customer Stories

Reduced annual cloud costs by $2.4 million.

The most valuable tool in my day-to-day work.

Freedom Dumlao

Chief Architect, Drift

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Used unit cost data to help sustain a -0.6% cloud spend growth rate

CloudZero [figures] heavily into our post-facto decision-making process. When we deploy a method of addressing customer needs, we can analyze how it impacted our AWS costs, and we can direct engineering resources at the issues with more accuracy.

Dan Sabath

Senior Software Engineer, Hiya

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Reduced annual cloud costs by 36%

[CloudZero] is our go-to tool to understand cloud costs … it’s a single source of truth for our finance, product, and engineering teams.

Michael Waltz

Micheal Waltz

Principal DevOps Engineer, Demandbase

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Reduced cloud spend by 23% and powered advanced analytics

Analytics is a key next step in the cloud cost intelligence framework. Our most powerful CloudZero users are already adept at using the platform to find cost insights, but Analytics extends that same power to anyone with a vested interest in keeping our cloud use cost-efficient. We’ve only just begun to see how significant of an impact this can have on our cloud ROI.

Robert Mason

Robert Mason

CTO, Applause

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Used cost per customer to refine GTM strategy

CloudZero allowed us to work with our product marketing team on how to continue to package our products in a way that so our customers always receive maximum value, while also supporting our business model. It has also helped us make earlier-stage development decisions to support strong cloud economics.

Martin Loewinger Smartbear

Martin Loewinger

Vice President of Cloud Engineering, SmartBear

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The Positive Feedback Loop Of Engineering-Led Optimization

CloudZero is the world’s most powerful platform for organizing spend, making it explorable, and driving engineering action.

Allocate Costs Loop

Allocate All Costs In Real Time

CloudZero CostFormation® allocates 100% of your spend in hours — regardless of your tagging quality — by dimensions you define.

Inform Explore Loop

Inform And Explore

Enable any cloud stakeholder to explore spend in views that matter to them. Reconfigure views by any parameters in seconds.

Engineering Optimizations Loop

Drive Engineering-Led Optimizations

Show engineers the real-time cost impacts of their building decisions and empower them to build more efficiently in the cloud.

Iterate Forecast Loop

Iterate And Forecast

Power sound cloud investment decisions, base forecasts on unit cost metrics, and lay a steady foundation for efficient innovation.

Finops Account Manager 1

FinOps Account Managers, At Your Side

Every customer gets a designated FinOps Account Manager (FAM) who reviews your spend, implements best practices, and acts as an extension of your team.

Financial Control And Predictability In The Cloud

Eliminate wasteful spending, ship efficient code, and innovate profitably — all in one platform.