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1. Failover Conf (April 21) 2. Atlassian Summit (April 1 - April 2) 3. DevSecOps Days (March 26) 4. Global DevOps Bootcamp (May 30) 5. Secure Coding Virtual Summit (April 23) 6. Cloud Native Virtual Summit (April 1) 7. (April 15)

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You were looking forward to learning from DevOps industry leaders, but now all major events are being postponed or canceled. Because of some fast thinking and serious creativity by a few events organizers, you don’t have to completely miss out on the experience. Working and learning from home can provide its own benefits: you can learn on your own time, there’s no convincing your boss to reimburse a pricey plane ticket, and you can wear whatever you want with those conference tee shirts. We’ve selected our favorite upcoming virtual conferences you won’t want to miss out on.


1. Failover Conf (April 21)

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Chaos Engineering company Gremlin has adapted its annual in-person DevOps conference into a virtual summit on reliability and resilience engineering. Learn how to:

  • Maximize agility in your DevOps structure

  • Build reliable production systems

  • Mitigate potential crises with resilience engineering

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2. Atlassian Summit (April 1 – April 2)

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Atlassian has announced that its annual DevOps summit will be streamed online this year, but the schedule has yet to be released. We will update this listing as more information is available.

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3. DevSecOps Days (March 26)

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The RSA Conference (somewhat boldly) went ahead this year even after MWC and other tech conferences were called off. Best of all, DevOps Connect is re-streaming all of their talks from RSAC to the world next week. Topics covered include:

  • Intricacies of DevOps leadership

  • Transforming from waterfall to DevOps

  • Security policy and regulation trends for developers

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4. Global DevOps Bootcamp (May 30)

Global DevOps Bootcamp (1)

Cloud-consulting groups Xpirit and Solidify host this annual full-day hackathon to look back on another year’s developments in DevOps. Learn about:

  • Latest DevOps trends and Modern Software practices

  • Real-world experiences of DevOps leaders and engineers

  • Evolving principles of continuous delivery

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5. Secure Coding Virtual Summit (April 23)


While this isn’t exactly DevOps, we all know security is an important topic for every DevOps professional to know. For everyone on the frontlines of AppSec and cybersecurity – development security pros – here is a virtual summit dedicated to sessions on:

  • The best practices of secure coding

  • Security in modern Code Review processes

  • Cloud native security with containers

  • Threat Modeling, Trust Boundaries, and more.

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6. Cloud Native Virtual Summit (April 1)

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D2iQ and Container Solutions are hosting a virtual summit dedicated to cloud native development and Kubernetes. Learn about:

  • Cloud native DevOps at scale

  • Cost optimization with Kubernetes

  • Real-life stories from industry leaders

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7. (April 15)

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DevSecOps company Snyk is hosting an all-day (“23.999 hour”) virtual conference on all things development and security. Learn more about:

  • Cloud native DevOps

  • Secure development with Java and Javascript

  • DevSecOps changes in a digital working environment

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