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How a SaaS Company Cut Their Cloud Bill in Half (and Other AWS Cost Best Practices)

On-Demand Webinar


When you’re a startup company, every dollar counts. Not only are you working with a limited budget (or in many cases, AWS credits), but when it comes to cloud infrastructure, every decision you make has a lasting impact on major business metrics, like your operating costs and margins. Not to mention, a few hundred dollars now can turn into hundreds of thousands once you have a healthy customer base.

In this webinar, Mike Mullins, Director of Engineering at Makersights, Andrew Bostrom, AWS Solutions Architect, and Erik Peterson, Founder and CTO at CloudZero, will discuss best practices for growing your startup, cost-effectively. They will discuss: 

  • How Makersights reduced their AWS bill as they grew and built a culture empowering teams to “move fast and break things” while maintaining visibility and monitoring for cost issues. They’ll provide real examples of accidental overspend and the opportunities they identified for remediation. 
  • Best practices and recommendations for reducing cost, and when to leverage certain AWS services like trusted advisor, AWS Lambda, and more.  
  • How to make cost a first-class metric in your monitoring strategic and build a culture of cost awareness. 

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