Our Speakers
Alan Hand
Alan Hand Founder and CTO at Xosphere
Erik Peterson
Erik Peterson Founder and CTO at CloudZero
Mike Fuller
Mike Fuller CTO at FinOps Foundation
Steven O'Dwyer
Steven O'Dwyer Senior FinOps Specialist at ProsperOps

It’s never been more urgent for organizations to take their FinOps future into their own hands. Yet, implementing FinOps manually might be inefficient and error-prone. So how exactly do you do this successfully?

Join us on a journey through our own experiences with FinOps, and let us guide you through understanding, evaluating, and seamlessly implementing automation into your FinOps processes.

The best part? You can consume this series at your own pace, so dive in whenever it suits you!

Here’s what we’ll cover during the webinar series:

  • Module 1: Unveiling the Power of FinOps and Why Automation is a Game Changer.
  • Module 2: Navigating Your Automation Options with Confidence.
  • Module 3: The Road to Success – When, How, and How to Measure It.

Don’t miss this opportunity to master FinOps automation and transform your organization.

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