Our Speakers
Erik Peterson
Erik Peterson Founder and CTO at CloudZero
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor Head of Cloud Services at Exstratus

As we wrap up yet another unprecedented year and enter 2022, there’s no doubt we’ll continue to see more major shifts in the cloud landscape. After two years of both economic uncertainty and surging cloud usage, many organizations are focusing attention on cloud cost.

In this webinar, two tech veterans will dive into some of the trends we saw this past year as more and more organizations gained better visibility into their cloud spend, and discuss the predictions we believe will impact organizations in 2022.

A few examples of trends and predictions we’ll dive into are:

  • The improved cloud economics and visibility organizations gained in 2021.
  • The growth we saw of Kubernetes.
  • How important are cloud costs when making decisions around packaging and renewals?
  • Will engineers become more accountable in 2022, when it comes to their actions impacting cloud costs?
  • And much more.

Register now and join our own Erik Peterson, CloudZero founder and CTO, as well as our Partner Exstratus, to learn more about our predictions for cloud economics in 2022.