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Putting Cloud Cost Optimization On Autopilot

Together with ProsperOps and Xosphere, we’re offering a series of capabilities to help businesses put cost optimization on autopilot. Here's how it works.

Is your current cloud cost tool giving you the cost intelligence you need?  Most tools are manual, clunky, and inexact. Discover how CloudZero takes a new  approach to organizing your cloud spend.Click here to learn more.

When I co-founded CloudZero, I set out to change the way the world thinks about cloud cost optimization and management.

For too long, I had watched cloud cost optimization vendors neglect to help companies build better, more cost-effective software. Instead, everything focused on buying better, by optimizing prices and discounts.

It became more about spending cycles estimating how much you should commit to Reserved Instances or Savings Plans, rather than building efficient cloud-native and elastic applications that only cost money when someone’s using them.

CloudZero wanted to change that by shining a light on how costs connect to product features, customers, and all kinds of other relevant dimensions. And we have.

As a result, we have loads of customer proof that an engineering-led approach to cost optimization drives better business outcomes.

I also believed that it was only a matter of time until the cloud providers themselves delivered new functionality and removed the complexity of purchasing and managing discount commitments. In some ways this came true when AWS announced Savings Plans but over time what I've seen and heard from customers is that things have only gotten more complex. It was clear I needed to look for a better way.

That better way is to leverage CloudZero's unique ability to rapidly synthesize additional sources of data and telemetry to directly integrate with two exceptional and innovative companies: ProsperOps and Xosphere.

Together with ProsperOps and Xosphere we’re offering a series of capabilities to help business not only gain visibility into their cloud discounts, including Reserved Instances (RI), Savings Plans, and Spot Instances — we’re also going a step further to put the discounting process on autopilot so engineering teams can focus on innovation and building efficient cloud driven systems.

Together, we’re helping companies optimize the way they build and buy.

A Single Pane Of Glass For Optimization

When we began thinking about how we should approach helping our customers manage discounting, we decided to start with what we’re best at — providing relevant and actionable visibility.

Using CloudZero, you can answer questions like: 

  • Am I on track to hit my goals?
  • What is our effective savings rate for Spot, RIs, and Savings Plans?
  • What are all my active reservations and when do they expire?
  • How does our on-demand spend break down by service, region, instance type, and more?

Starting today, every CloudZero customer will have the ability to monitor all their discounts in a single place and have confidence they’re maximizing their savings, regardless if they are managing it themselves, using the tools from their Cloud provider or using a third party.

Discount Instrument Summary Dashboard

Automate, Automate, Automate

We wanted to go beyond visibility and let our customers put discounts on autopilot.

To achieve this CloudZero has partnered with ProsperOps and Xosphere, both leaders in this space who are committed to lowering your cloud costs without increasing your workload.

These two companies are taking fresh approaches to cloud cost optimization – automating as much as possible, so you can receive maximum discounts with none of the effort. You won’t spend hours figuring out how much you should commit to, or cursing your cloud provider if you don’t meet your commitment.

Optimizing Discounts

With CloudZero's integration with ProsperOps, your AWS compute Reserved Instances and Savings Plan portfolio is optimized automatically using advanced techniques to deliver industry-leading savings, which radically reduces financial lock-in versus standalone AWS RI's or Savings Plans.

ProsperOps Dashboard

Optimizing Spot Compute

Spot compute remains one of the most effective tools for reducing your overall compute costs, often delivering savings of 70% or more. The challenge however has always been identifying the correct workloads to apply spot compute to and then managing the delicate balance of scheduling, applying and removing spot to those workloads depending on the current market rates. 

Launching today, you can now use CloudZero to quickly identify the workloads that are the best candidates for spot optimization and then use Xosphere to safely deploy fully managed Spot optimization with only the simple change of an auto-scaling group tag.

Xosphere Instance Orchestrator makes AWS EC2 Spot Instance as reliable to use as On-Demand but at a fraction of the cost. Their mission is to empower enterprises to automatically and seamlessly move applications to the right place at the right time — yielding unparalleled savings, reliability, and availability.

Xosphere Dashboard

The best part? The CloudZero optimization solution, powered by ProsperOps and Xosphere, is entirely paid for by the savings generated in your account — so it's virtually risk-free.

CloudZero, combined with ProperOps and Xosphere, gives you complete visibility into your discounts, plus the added confidence that your discounts are being automatically managed as effectively as possible.

Want To Learn More? 

If you’re interested in gaining visibility into your AWS spend, contact us today by requesting a demo here.

Erik Peterson

Author: Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson is the co-founder and CTO of CloudZero, is a software startup veteran, and has been building and securing cloud software for over a decade. Erik is a frequent speaker on FinOps, cloud economics, DevOps, and security.


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