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Give Engineering Teams the Power to Control Cloud Costs

The savings and margins that matter most begin in development. So why wait until after development to start managing them? Start cloud cost optimization early with CloudZero and crush tech debt before it happens.

Decentralize Cost Control to Dev Teams 

Responsibility for cloud cost optimization shouldn't lie with a single person or team. With CloudZero, your dev teams can become your first and most powerful line of defense against high cloud costs thanks to powerful tools that don’t disrupt their workflow.




Integrate Cloud Cost Optimization throughout Your SDLC

Like speed or security, cost should be built into the development process. Now, it can be. CloudZero helps engineers build products with strong margins and automatically monitors them to ensure they stay that way.



Use CloudZero to Debug Cost Issues

Watch this short demonstration video.



Get cost views tailored for dev teams

CloudZero lets you show development teams only the costs they’re responsible for, so they can instantly understand the cost of the products they built. 

Get cost context for engineers

CloudZero offers relevant engineering context, like recent deploys or configuration changes, to help you understand exactly what happened and why. 

Get ultra-fast anomaly alerts to prevent cost overrun.

CloudZero uses machine learning to automatically detect cost issues and alert you before they run for days or weeks. 

Jan Sulaiman

We recently held a discussion about why the development environment is running 24x7 and is the same size as production when no one is using it nights and weekends. CloudZero helps educate our engineers about what changes every time they run something on the cloud and the fact that it costs our company real money.

Jan Sulaiman | IoT Product Manager, 1NCE

Freedom Dumlao

We used to have to set up a ton of alert thresholds in AWS. CloudZero’s alerts have been fantastic. They just show me when something important has changed and tell me where to look to understand what happened. We’re able to be much more responsive.

Freedom Dumlao | Chief Architect, Drift


CloudZero is the only solution designed to help engineers control cloud cost. 

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