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How to Reduce Your AWS Bill

A Practical Guide by CloudZero


editedebook-1AWS gives you access to the computing and DevOps tools you need at the press of a button — which helps you get products out the door fast.

However, it can be challenging to control your costs and identify waste, especially if you’re not sure where to look or you cloud environment isn't optimized perfectly. In this comprehensive guide, CloudZero founder Matt Manger will discuss some practical steps you can take to assess and reduce your AWS spend.

Explore the Chapters

Chapter 1: How to Set Yourself Up for Success with AWS

Take the first step to get the right configurations in place. We'll dig into what data and tools you'll need, and some important set up steps like tagging.

Chapter 2: How to Avoid Common Architectural Waste

This section highlights common optimization opportunities within Snapshots, Previous Generation Compute, NAT Gateway, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), AWS Management Services, and DNS Queries.

Chapter 3: How to Proactively Control Cloud Costs

The ideal world is to be able to proactively control costs vs. having to fix cost debt later. Here's how to develop a cloud cost conscious engineering team.   

How to Use the Guide

If you work for an innovative company, getting quality software out the door quickly will always be a top priority. Over time, however, when decisions are made to favor speed, without considering cost, it doesn’t take long for expensive technical debt and waste to accumulate.

Software engineers are making decisions every day that have an impact on the AWS bill, yet at many companies, they are rarely asked to consider the cost of those decisions.

Luckily, cloud cost optimization when applied during the development process can help engineering teams face these challenges proactively. Many people think of shaving money off their bills by reducing waste, rightsizing, or purchasing upfront capacity when they hear “cost optimization.” Unfortunately, this approach to cost optimization is reactive and requires buy-in from management, prioritization from the product team, and time is taken from new feature development. Oftentimes, making retroactive optimizations can take a lot of planning and dedicated resources, which negates the impact of making the changes at all. In reality, companies need to incorporate cost optimization into their software development life cycle in order to be successful. Ultimately this approach can lead to savings that are orders of magnitude greater than the traditional reactive approach that has the added benefit of increasing engineering productivity as well.

When engineers think about cloud costs as a part of the DevOps workflow, they can build software with a cost optimization mindset and avoid technical debt. Proactive thinking, or fixing something in the moment, is always cheaper than letting tech debt pile up.

Whether companies have already accumulated costs, or are just getting started with AWS, this eBook will cover some practical steps teams can take to optimize their AWS bills for the long haul. We’ll focus on how teams can set themselves up for success, as well as address common areas of technical debt. 



About the Author

Matt Manger is the Co-founder of CloudZero. Today, where he works with innovative companies of all sizes, helping them better understand their AWS bills and how they align with their businesses. Prior to his time at CloudZero, Matt spent 14 years working in customer success and technical services roles at various software companies in the Boston area. Before his career in tech, he served seven years in the Air Force working in the information operations space as an Engineer and Ops Lead. When he’s not dedicating his time to AWS bills, Matt is spending time with his wife and twins at his home in Central Massachusetts.




CloudZero Brings Cloud Cost Intelligence to Your Team

CloudZero delivers relevant cloud cost data about products and features to the engineers responsible for building them. Using machine learning, CloudZero automates manual cost management work, detects cost anomalies, and boosts AWS tagging coverage. With CloudZero, innovative companies can proactively reduce cloud costs, control their margins, and eliminate billing surprises.Cloud spending starts with engineering. Controlling it starts with CloudZero.

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