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Cloud Zero is the only cloud cost management solution that connects engineering activity and cost data in real-time.

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Cloud Cost Management for Builders

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The CloudZero platform empowers engineers with timely, relevant cost data, so you can manage your AWS spend, correct mistakes immediately, and make better cost decisions. 

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CloudZero connects cost insights with infrastructure data.

Unlike other cloud cost management tools, which ingest AWS billing data once it is made available, CloudZero pulls in and interprets data from a variety of sources across multiple AWS accounts—without installing any agents. Then, the platform analyzes and transforms cloud metadata into real-time insights. This gives engineers timely information and context about how changes they make affect their cloud bill, without spending cycles on manual analysis.

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Stay on top of your bills.

CloudZero lets you know about cost anomalies, spend summaries, and opportunities for optimization, so you always know where your cloud budget stands. 

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Visualize your total spend and drill down.

CloudZero was designed for engineers, which means we offer the ability to investigate every line item, so you can answer any question—whether you're responding to an anomaly alert or a request from Finance. 

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