Our platform treats the cloud as the computer and AWS as the operating system, listening and understanding it all without requiring you to instrument your code.

Collect and Normalize

CloudZero’s platform starts by collecting the data from your CloudWatch, CloudTrail, VPC Flowlogs, Lambda Data Events and Billing Data from every AWS account you connect. This part of the platform is isolated in its own account for security and has read-only access to the accounts you connect.

Populate the Stream

All of the data collected is normalized and the events, resources, statistics and billing data are organized into data streams which allow our platform to perform real-time analytics on all the data collected.

Find Meaning

Our algorithms take in the normalized data and perform complex analytics sifting through all the data to filter noise and enhance signal. We use Machine Learning on a large scale to learn what is valuable to surface.

Visualize Everything

The application provides opinionated visualizations of the insights determined by the platform’s AI. From regional system maps to single resources to cost of service broken down by team, CloudZero’s platform provides true observability to everyone in your organization.

How do we do it?

The CloudZero Platform is built upon proprietary technology designed to understand your cloud and deliver tremendous value to you. The platform consumes all the metadata your cloud provider generates and gives you a holistic understanding of your cloud accounts.

The CloudZero Platform

AWS cloud data is often noisy, inconsistent and hard to interpret. Each of its APIs are built by different teams and have varying levels of sophistication. New services crop up all the time. There is no good "big picture" view for your deployments in a single account, let alone across multiple accounts or regions. The data alone does not lead to insightful observations. The CloudZero Platform looks at everything in your cloud accounts and understands it all, it sees the forest and the trees.

Our Platform is the smart conduit between your AWS cloud account activity and you. It enables you to observe your environment. It is a service that utilizes no agents, requires few IAM permissions and makes very few API requests. The Platform ingests metadata from a variety of sources including the AWS APIs, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, VPC Flowlogs, Billing and more, with new sources integrated regularly. The Platform’s job is to normalize, categorize, relate and clarify metadata using algorithms based on a solid understanding of how AWS really works. CloudZero transforms your cloud metadata into information and insights that make unprecedented understanding possible.

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