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Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform

Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform

CloudZero automatically identifies cost issues, gives those insights to relevant teams, and delivers the context you need to get back on track.


CloudZero arms engineering teams with the power to own their costs.

Too often, the responsibility for cost management sits on the shoulders of one person. CloudZero distributes cost data to your development and operations teams — with the speed and context engineers need — so everyone can make informed tradeoffs at every step of the SDLC.


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The CloudZero difference starts with what's under the hood. 

Other tools pull cost data every 24 hours. We pull data billions of times per second, any time an event occurs, from 74 different AWS service plug-ins, from workloads running in containers in Kubernetes, and from data streams like CloudTrail and CloudWatch.
We take all that data, apply machine learning, and give you the most meaningful, up-to-date, context-rich cost insights out there.
(Not to brag.)

CloudZero Platform

Freedom Dumlao

With CloudZero, we can see what we’re spending per individual feature and product easier than within the AWS billing console. We were trying to get this information with raw tags in AWS, but it was never accurate. It’s empowering to share that data with the individual product owners, so their teams can take ownership of their costs.

Freedom Dumlao | Chief Architect, Drift


CloudZero delivers product cost intelligence directly to the teams who build them.  

From engineering executives to individual engineers, CloudZero delivers appropriate cost intelligence about your products and features to the people who build them.
Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform

Automatic Anomaly Alerts

No more manually setting budgets, defining parameters, or creating sets of rules for the program to follow. CloudZero uses machine learning to automatically determine which anomalies are worth addressing, helping you fix issues before they get out of control.

Team, Product, and Feature-Specific Views

CloudZero sorts data by product, feature, or Dev team— then sends alerts directly to that team’s dedicated Slack channel. Ensuring that teams only receive data relevant to them helps eliminate frustration and keep your Devs buzzing along towards great, cost-effective products.

Automatic Tagging Assistance

Without any manual input, CloudZero organizes your resources by product, feature, and team — even when they're running in containers. That gives you clear oversight and understanding of your cloud costs based on the metrics that matter most — and helps you do something about it before you receive an eye-popping bill.

Engineering-Level Context

CloudZero collects both cost and engineering data, showing you the source of a cost in minutes. This significantly reduces the time it takes to understand what happened and how you can fix it.

For workloads running in containers orchestrated by Kubernetes, CloudZero combines container utilization data with your actual AWS costs to give you accurate allocation of costs within a Kubernetes cluster.

And CloudZero integrates with GitHub, Jenkins, or other parts of your CI/CD pipeline to collect data, making the connection between a cost event and the engineering activity that caused it even clearer.

Context to Connect Cost and Cause

Immediately understand if the bug fix or new feature you just just pushed to prod caused your costs to change. 

How Will You Use CloudZero?

Learn about the the ways cloud savvy companies are using CloudZero.

Build Cost-Optimized Infrastructure
Build Optimized Infrastructure
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Map Costs to Teams and Features
Map Costs to Products
Organize costs by team, feature, or container namespace or pod. Take me there
Reduce Your AWS Bill
Reduce Your AWS Bill
Detect cloud waste and inefficient architecture. Take me there

See for Yourself

With CloudZero, we can see what we’re spending per individual feature and product easier than within the AWS billing console.

Freedom Dumlao Chief Architect, Drift