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The Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform

Control spend and translate cloud cost into a shared
language for engineering and finance.

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The Platform Engineers Love, The Context Finance Needs

Most cloud cost platforms tell you how much. CloudZero gives you the what, why, and where of your AWS investment. Engineering can self-serve and explore the cost of their architecture and apps, while finance can measure the ROI of your technical investments.

The Platform Engineers Love

Explore Your Cost In Entirely New Dimensions

CloudZero isn’t just a better way to slice and dice your bill. By enriching your cost with services metadata, telemetry, and more, the CloudZero platform lets you see your costs from any angle. Unlock previously impossible cost metrics, drill down and zoom out — with way less effort than legacy cost reporting tools.

Easily Allocate Untagged And Shared Resources

Tagging is painful. With CloudZero, you can organize cost with or without tags — so you can gain instant visibility and control without slowing down engineering.


Help Engineers Help Themselves With Cloud Cost

For engineers, the cloud is like a menu with no prices. CloudZero enables engineers to understand the cost
of their actions — and quickly detect and debug cost issues.

Understand What’s Changing (And Why)

Your costs will fluctuate as you add customers and they interact with your products. CloudZero helps you understand the drivers of your cost, so you can differentiate between healthy customer interaction or wasted spend.

Engineering Cost Awareness

Understand What's Changing
Understand Your Unit Economics

Measure Unit Cost And COGS By Product Lines

Finance probably doesn’t care what you spend on EC2. CloudZero transforms your cost into business-relevant metrics, so you differentiate between an out-of-control bill and economies of scale.

Unit Cost Analysis

Crack The Code On Kubernetes Cost

A move to Kubernetes shouldn’t equal loss of cost visibility. CloudZero helps you understand and control cloud cost, with seamless visibility across containerized and non-containerized infrastructure.

Kubernetes Cost Monitoring

Crack The Kubernetes Code
AWS And Snowflake Data

Seamlessly Marry AWS And Snowflake Data

CloudZero combines cloud cost intelligence from AWS and Snowflake, giving you a holistic view of cost of goods sold (COGS) and unit cost.

Snowflake Cost Monitoring

Measure Cost Per Tenant And Break Down Shared Costs

CloudZero gives you a deep understanding of how much it costs to support each tenant.

Cost Per Tenant Analysis

Measure Cost Per Customer

Cloud Cost Intelligence Analysts, At Your Side

CloudZero isn’t just a platform. You’ll get an expert advisor to help you define your cost intelligence strategy, answer questions, and work as an extension of your team. No wasting time figuring out your game plan. No unanswered cost questions.

Our Cost Intelligence Team

Cloud Cost Analysts

See CloudZero In Action