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The CloudZero Platform

Cloud Zero is the only cloud cost management solution designed for engineering teams.


Understand the cost impact of engineering decisions. 

Most cloud cost tools show you how much you already spent. CloudZero is designed to help you understand what changed about your costs and why.


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Never be surprised by a bill again.

Cost Anomalies

Cost spikes can be impossible to catch when you're looking at your total spend. CloudZero uses machine learning to detect spikes in a certainAWS  account or service, so you can remediate or plan ahead. 

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Weekly Spend Updates

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Monthly Trends

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Infrastructure Spend Report

See how your spend compares against other CloudZero customers and AWS best practices. CloudZero will highlight areas for potential improvement. 


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Investigate the Source of Any Cost 

CloudZero was designed for engineers, which means we offer the ability to investigate every line item, so you can answer any question—whether you're responding to an anomaly alert or a request from Finance. 

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Get cost data enhanced with engineering context

Unlike other cloud cost management tools, which ingest AWS billing data once it is made available, CloudZero pulls in and interprets data from a variety of sources across multiple AWS accounts—without installing any agents. Then, the platform analyzes and transforms cloud metadata into real-time insights. This gives us the unique ability to tell you which engineering activities resulted in which costs.

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