CloudZero, the leading cloud cost intelligence company, today announced an expansion of its cloud cost optimization offering, including the addition of a new dashboard for discount optimization and two technology partners to autonomously optimize compute. Available immediately, the dashboard will provide granular insight into cloud discounts such as Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, and Spot Instances. Additionally, new CloudZero partners, ProsperOps and Xosphere, will provide CloudZero customers with the highest possible savings, without human intervention.

This offering positions CloudZero to help customers throughout their FinOps journey — from uncovering basic cost visibility to achieving advanced intelligence, such as complex unit economics.

ProsperOps delivers a simple, fully autonomous cloud cost optimization experience that algorithmically maintains an optimal portfolio of Reserved Instances and Savings Plans in real time. The ProsperOps platform automatically generates world-class savings outcomes which place customers in the top 1% of cloud optimizers.

“Next generation FinOps solutions move beyond cost reporting to a world of automated savings outcomes and cloud intelligence,” said Erik Carlin, co-founder and CPO of ProsperOps. “Together, CloudZero and ProsperOps deliver a combined set of capabilities that accelerate and simplify the FinOps journey. Welcome to Cloud Cost Optimization 2.0.”

Xosphere Instance Orchestrator software transforms unreliable Spot Instances into robust resources that have the same reliability as On-Demand, yielding unparalleled savings up to 80%. With intelligent cloud orchestration, they empower enterprises to seamlessly move applications to the right place at the right time that produce optimum results.

“Extraordinary cloud optimization is attainable by combining visibility and action,” said Alan Hand, founder and CEO of Xosphere. “Together, with CloudZero, we’re helping companies simultaneously do both.”

The dashboard is available now to all CloudZero customers, whether or not they choose to utilize CloudZero partners. Visit to learn more.

About CloudZero 

CloudZero is the cloud cost intelligence platform that puts spend into the context of your business. By aligning engineering, infrastructure, and finance teams around metrics like cost per product feature, customer, and development team, CloudZero enables better strategic decisions, improved unit economics, and efficient spending. Trusted by top cloud-driven companies like Rapid7, Ping Identity, and Malwarebytes, CloudZero works with organizations of all sizes to take the next steps toward cloud cost maturity. Visit to get started today.

About ProsperOps

ProsperOps is the leading AIOps platform for cloud financial management. Founded in 2018, ProsperOps delivers a simple, fully autonomous cost optimization experience that automatically manages AWS discount instruments to maximize savings and minimize commitment risk. By removing the effort, latency, and risk associated with manually managing rigid and long-term discount instruments, ProsperOps simplifies cloud financial management. ProsperOps is a founding member of the FinOps Foundation and a FinOps Certified Platform, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, and a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing. Learn more and get started at

About Xosphere 

Xosphere is the world’s only intelligent cloud orchestration company empowering enterprises to seamlessly move applications to the right place at the right time to reduce cloud expense and increase reliability. Xosphere Instance Orchestrator is a cloud-native, self-hosted subscription software application which transforms unreliable Spot Instances into robust resources that have the same reliability as On-Demand but at a fraction of the cost, yielding unparalleled savings. For enterprises that want to reduce cloud costs, Xosphere’s optimization engine maximizes savings with the fastest speed of implementation in the industry. Founded in 2017, Xosphere is headquartered in Southern California and is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Your cloud savings begin at