Boston, MA — March 6, 2024 — CloudZero, the globally trusted leader in proactive cloud cost efficiency, announced today that the company has become a Premier Member of the FinOps Foundation. Erik Peterson, CloudZero CTO and co-founder, will take a seat on the Governing Board and forge greater ties with the FinOps community.

The FinOps Foundation, a part of The Linux Foundation’s non-profit technology consortium, is dedicated to advancing the people and practices of FinOps — a fusion of finance and DevOps. The non-profit foundation focuses on empowering professionals responsible for managing cloud value. Its membership includes thousands of FinOps practitioners, as well as service and cloud technology providers.

CloudZero has long been a General Member and contributor to the FinOps Foundation Working Groups (WGs), with Peterson participating in several WGs over the last few years, including Unit Economics and the FinOps Cost and Usage Specification (FOCUS™). CloudZero’s product roadmap and go-to-market approach align to the FinOps Maturity Model, and its value drivers and use cases align with the FinOps Capabilities.

As part of the Governing Board, Peterson will help support the direction and strategy of the community based on his years of experience and insights from working with CloudZero’s customers. He’ll also bring a unique point of view on taking an engineering-led approach to optimizing cloud costs, achieving unit economics, and improving business performance. The company will encourage its existing customers to take a more active role in the community so they can get access to their peers and best practices. CloudZero will also encourage customers to achieve the FinOps Certified Engineer certification, reinforcing an engineering-led optimization approach.

J.R. Storment, executive director of the FinOps Foundation, said, “The FinOps Foundation has become the driving force behind advancements in FinOps, thanks to the support of our members. We welcome CloudZero as a Premier Member and look forward to its support in shaping the landscape of unit economics and helping organizations best manage the value of the cloud.”

Erik Peterson, CTO and co-founder of CloudZero, said, “I’ve got a passion for cost-efficient engineering and unit economics, and I’m eager to share that passion in a wider capacity as a Premier Member and part of the FinOps Foundation’s Governing Board. I choose to actively contribute to the FinOps community because I believe in the foundation’s mission of educating those who oversee the value of cloud. This is a great opportunity to share and learn from the thought leadership of the industry.”

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