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All The Expertise, None Of The Resource Drain

CloudZero’s Cost Intelligence Team will act as an extension of your organization — watching your cost, coaching you on best practices, and helping you take your cloud cost intelligence strategy to the next level.


Combine Cost Intelligence With Human Intelligence

Transforming your approach to cloud cost starts with transforming your culture and practices. The CloudZero Cost Intelligence Team works with top SaaS companies — and will bring that collective intelligence to you, so you can skip the guesswork and get it right the first time.


See Your Cloud Cost In High Resolution

Your Cost Intelligence Analyst will help transform your cost into new dimensions. Without manual tagging, you can organize cost in new ways that will unlock insight for engineering, product, and finance.

See Your COGS
Speak Finance's Language

Speak The Same Language As Finance

It can be overwhelming when your CFO questions your spend. Your Cost Intelligence Analyst will work with you to translate cost into business-relevant metrics — so you can be part of the solution to drive strategic outcomes.

Remove Uncertainty And Take Action Right Away

The hardest part of any initiative can be figuring out where to start. Your Cost Intelligence Analyst will point you in the right direction, so whether you’re tackling a huge optimization project — or deprioritizing it — you’ll know you made the right choice.

Remove Cost Uncertainty
End Cloud Cost Surprises

End Cloud Cost Surprises

Your Cost Intelligence Analyst will monitor your spend — alerting you of trends and anomalies. Additionally, you'll receive ongoing reports about where you stand, so you can proactively update your finance team if it looks like you might surpass your budget.

Give Engineering A Cloud Cost Coach

Autonomy is already ingrained in DevOps culture, but without the right data and enablement, it’s pointless to ask engineering to care about cost. Your cloud intelligence expert will join a shared slack channel with your engineers to share insights and answer questions.


What Our Customers Say


“The team at CloudZero has been awesome to work with, and they've helped us to break our cost down in ways that make it easier to see what optimizations will get us significant results, in particular lasting benefits. Also, the slack notifications on anomalies are great for quickly getting attention where it is useful.”

M.J. Jackson

DevOps, Drift

How Drift Saved $2.4M

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