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Dots Cloud Cost Optimization For Engineering Dots

Build Cost Optimization Into Your Engineering Culture

Shift cloud cost left, reduce costly tech debt at the source,
and build products with healthy margins.


Make Cost A First Class Metric

Tech companies are under immense pressure to innovate — which often makes cost an afterthought. CloudZero enables engineering teams to consider cost throughout the software development lifecycle, without impacting velocity.

Make Cost A First Class Metric

Give Engineers Relevant Cloud Cost Visibility

Sifting through cost data isn’t a good use of time. CloudZero transforms costs into relevant dimensions — like dev teams, product features, and environments — then provides views, anomaly alerts, and more, just for the teams responsible for them.

Relevant Cost Visibility

Make Cloud Cost Intuitive And Self-Serve

CloudZero was designed for engineers. It’s easy to use and explore — and doesn’t require any training. Engineers can intuitively answer their own questions and understand their own cost impact.

Move Fast And Experiment, With Guardrails

CloudZero alerts engineering teams of cost anomalies and trends, related to the products and features they’re working on. You can embrace new services and dive headfirst into new projects, knowing you won’t overspend.

Empower Dev Teams
Cloud Cost Coach

Give Engineers Access To A Cloud Cost Coach

CloudZero isn’t just a platform. Your team will get partnered with a Cost Intelligence Analyst who will provide direction and answer questions — so you don't have to waste time figuring it out on your own.

Webinar Speaker - Kevin Mueller

Upcoming Webinar

Overcome Endless Tagging: Cloud Cost Allocation
Without The Effort

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 | 2:00 PM ET

Join us as CloudZero Solutions Architect, Kevin Mueller covers how you can achieve cloud cost intelligence — without painful tagging exercises.


Investigate Cost Issues And Debug In Minutes

CloudZero offers an easily explorable interface that connects cost to your products and engineering events — so you can immediately understand the cause of every cost. Zoom in, zoom out, and get the answers you need.

Understand Cost Impact
Understand Your Unit Economics

Hold Teams Accountable For Relevant Metics

Asking your engineering team to spend less is counterproductive and meaningless. Instead, CloudZero helps you track goals around unit cost and margin metrics — so engineers can use what they need, while considering cost only when it matters.

What Our Customers Say

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"One of the big selling points of CloudZero is that it was built for engineers. CloudZero is intuitive enough that our engineers are able to go in there, self-serve, and understand exactly what they're looking at."

Shawn Lopresto

DevOps Architect, Malwarebytes

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