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Cost Per Customer
Cost Per Customer Analysis

Understand your cloud unit economics and measure cost per customer

Kubernetes Cost Analysis
Kubernetes Cost Analysis

Discover and monitor your real Kubernetes and container costs

Unit Cost Analysis
Unit Cost Analysis

Measure and monitor the unit metrics that matter most to your business

Cost Allocation
Tagging And Cost Allocation

Allocate cost and gain cost visibility even if your tagging isn’t perfect

SaaS COGS Measurement

Identify and measure your software COGS

Engineering Cost Awareness
Engineering Cost Awareness

Decentralize cost decisions to your engineering teams

Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Cost Optimization

Automatically identify wasted spend, then proactively build cost-effective infrastructure

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CloudZero Tour
Optimize Spend

If you’ve gotten a directive to cut cost (or maybe you’re just taking the initiative) – it can be challenging to know where to start. On one hand, it’s always great to save money. On the other, putting limited engineering resources toward cost-cutting isn’t always the best use of time. CloudZero helps you reduce overall spend and eliminate waste – while putting optimization in context, so you can target the most impactful areas for your business.

Optimization Dashboard

Get Targeted Recommendations And Track Progress

With CloudZero, you’ll work with a team of experts who will provide you with specific recommendations to reduce cost. We’ll start with optimizations with immediate impact. Then we’ll move onto more strategic recommendations, like aspects of your business you can optimize.

Lastly, we’ll provide you with a way to track progress and manage optimization in a simple workflow for engineering teams.

Average Contract Value By Segment

Make Optimization Decisions In Business Context

However, CloudZero goes well beyond simple optimizations. Instead of looking at your overall cost and helping you find one-time areas of savings, we’ll help you understand your cost in the context of your business.

By organizing spend into products, features, customers, and more, you can understand the least profitable aspects of your business and make high-impact optimizations with surgical precision.

Discounting Dashboard

Uncover Discounting Opportunities And Automate Cost Optimization

CloudZero’s Discounting Dashboard helps you better understand your RIs, Savings Plans, and Spot Instances savings.

Additionally, by connecting to our partners, Xosphere and PropsperOps, you can put cloud spend on autopilot — driving deep level optimization without any coding changes.

Empower Engineers

Save Money By Not Spending It

After we’ve helped you optimize, CloudZero will help you avoid spending excess money in the first place, by providing engineering with cost visibility that won’t slow them down.

Your team can proactively build more efficient software, eliminate waste, and reduce future tech debt.

Cost Per User

Hold Engineers Accountable For Metrics That Actually Matter

It’s impossible to say whether a bill is “too high” or not without context. Instead of holding engineers accountable to an arbitrary budget or monitoring percentage of overall increase, CloudZero helps your engineering team understand their unit economics.

You can drive a culture of accountability around meaningful metrics, like cost per customer, user, transaction, and more.

This provides context while creating alignment between finance and engineering – so everyone can be on the same page when it comes to cloud spend.

CloudZero Does More Than Just Provide Cost Optimization


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Untangle Your Cloud Cost Once And For All

Reading about CloudZero is nothing like seeing it for yourself. In your personalized demo, we’ll cover how you can:

  • Organize cloud costs without perfect tagging
  • Measure COGS, unit cost, cost per customer, and more
  • Align teams around a common cost language
  • Empower engineers to see the cost impact of their work

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