Measuring Your Unit Cost and COGS on AWS

On-Demand Webinar

HubSpot Video

Mapping cloud cost to business metrics, like unit cost and cost of goods sold (COGS) can become increasingly challenging as you scale.

In this webinar, Tim Buntel, CPO at CloudZero, discusses how you can get seamless visibility into the cost to build and run your products, in the context of your business. He will cover:

  • Four cost dimensions you should be using to measure cost against your business KPIs.

  • Steps you can take to measure your unit cost, cost of goods sold, cost per tenant, cost per customer, and more.

  • How to marry together disparate data sources and map them to your application architecture — for a complete picture of the cost of your products. 

  • How CloudZero transforms data from AWS  into seamless cloud cost intelligence.