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How SeatGeek Decoded Its AWS Bill and Measured Cost Per Customer

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Decentralize cloud cost and mature your FinOps program.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Measure, monitor, and optimize cloud spend on AWS.


Combine cloud cost intelligence from AWS and Snowflake.

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Guide: How To Overcome Tagging And Accelerate Cloud Cost Allocation

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There’s A Better Way To Control Cloud Cost

If your cloud cost management tool isn't cutting it, switch
to cloud cost intelligence.

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Cloud Cost Management Is Falling Short

Cloud cost management tools have been around for a decade, yet the cloud cost puzzle feels more unsolved than ever. Most tools are manual, clunky, and inexact — leaving teams to make rough estimates about what you're spending and why.

FinOps Report
Cloud Spend Is Difficult To Organize

The Problem? It's Too Difficult To Organize
Cloud Spend

The common thread among nearly every cloud cost challenge? Companies can't align cost to their business — preventing engineering and finance from speaking the same language, making decisions, and taking action.

CloudZero Organizes Cloud Spend, Faster And More Accurately

CloudZero untangles your web of cloud cost and organizes it in a matter of hours — versus weeks or months — regardless of containerization, untagged or untaggable infrastructure, shared costs, and more. We’ll translate your cost into a shared language for finance and engineering, while making it intuitive, explorable — and well, easy.

Eliminate Tagging

The Difference? It Starts With CloudZero Dimensions

CloudZero transforms your spend into Dimensions, like products, features, customers — in a matter of hours, even if your tags aren't perfect. But, these Dimensions aren't just reports — they're the foundation everything else builds on.

Business Relevant Dimensions

Cost data, enriched with context

The CloudZero platform doesn't just look at your Cost and Usage Report. It pulls in context and metadata from your environment to enrich your billing data and help you understand how your cost connects with your architecture.

Transformation without tagging effort

Just like you implement Infrastructure as Code, CloudZero Dimensions enable you to use a code artifact to define how you would like to organize cloud cost — giving you unparalleled flexibility, accuracy, and granularity — without requiring you to tag every resource.

Context driven by telemetry

For even more granular visibility, you can introduce telemetry streams to correlate utilization data with your COGS, so you can understand which customers are driving which costs and features.

CloudZero Helps You Mature Your FinOps Function — Whatever That Means To You

Working with CloudZero is like getting a platform that's everything you've always wanted from a cost tool, plus one of those fancy cost experts on-demand. You'll get a combination of technology and services to help you build a world class FinOps function, whether you have a dedicated team of 10 — or it's a side job of a busy engineer.


CloudZero Helps Engineers Take Action

CloudZero works the way engineers do — and gives them the relevant context they need to take action. Remitly uses CloudZero to build an engineering culture of cost autonomy.

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Empower Dev Teams
Less Time Spent Managing Cost

​​CloudZero Customers Report Up To 90% Less Time Spent On Cloud Cost

Validity reported a 90% less time spent managing cost, while Malwarebytes reported 10 hours per week saved.

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CloudZero Eliminates Tagging As A Barrier To Cost Visibility

Tags can be a useful place to start, but you shouldn't have to drop everything to fix them before getting started, CloudZero gives you complete visibility, even with gaps in tagging, plus guidance and support to tag where it makes sense.

Shared Language For Finance And Engineering

CloudZero Is A Rosetta Stone For Finance, Engineering, Product Teams, And More

By focusing on meaningful metrics, like products, features, customers, and unit cost, CloudZero puts cloud cost into a language everyone can understand.

CloudZero Will Never Penalize You For Growth

CloudZero charges a flat, locked in price — not a variable percentage of spend. We'll never prevent you from gaining a new perspective. You can build unlimited Dimensions and onboard as many users as you'd like.

CloudZero Never Penalizes For Growth

Customers Who Traded Cost Management For Cost Intelligence


Michael Weinberg

Infrastructure Engineering Manager, SeatGeek

“With other cost tools, we could get a very broad view of cost or line-item accounting, but we couldn’t traverse between micro and macro levels. The level of detail CloudZero gives is really helpful."


John Crites

Chief Information Officer, Modus

“In under an hour, CloudZero was able to detangle our web of AWS expenses, transforming them into relevant Dimensions that provide insights to everyone from our engineers to the CEO — far exceeding what I can get from AWS cost reports."


Shawn LoPresto

DevOps Architect, Malwarebytes

“The UI is straightforward and they're willing to take and respond to input from their customers. CloudZero offers features their competitors don't and provides a much more pleasant user experience.”


Eric S

Senior Systems Engineer, Large Enterprise | G2 Crowd Review

"Our previous solution was good at looking at resource tags — like every cost solution is — but it was CloudZero that helped us to easily and accurately map cost to our products. We can also better understand our unit costs."

Why Malwarebytes Made The Switch

Shawn LoPresto, Head of DevOps at Malwarebytes, explains why they moved away from their cloud cost management tool.


Power Profitable Growth With Cloud Cost Intelligence 👋

See for yourself how CloudZero can transform your cloud spend
into business dimensions you care about.


Power Profitable Growth With Cloud Cost Intelligence 👋

See for yourself how CloudZero can transform your cloud spend
into business dimensions you care about.