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The Cloud Cost Intelligence Company

Connecting Technical Decisions To Business Results

Who We Are

CloudZero is the only cloud cost intelligence platform that truly understands that the path to optimized cloud spending starts before the very first turn, and that engineering teams rely on automation and continuous delivery to keep up with their ultra-fast workflow. They can’t wait for cost analysis that comes after the fact or requires them to do the heavy lifting.



The Problem With Cloud Costs

The destination for cost management is the same as it has been — eliminating cloud spending waste and more predictability when it comes to cloud bills. But the path to get there has changed and become more complex, with the need to account for unit economics and design architectures that scale effectively without hidden costs. Many existing solutions are reactive after costs have already exploded, require a great deal of manual effort and expertise, and aren’t designed to give engineers visibility into their spend.


Jan Sulaiman

CloudZero doesn’t just help you get control of your AWS spending. It gives you cost understanding so you can see where your costs go and what they map to.

Jan Sulaiman | IoT Product Manager, 1NCE

Our Technology

CloudZero software offers fully-automated cost anomaly tracking and alerts, AI-driven cost mapping, streamlined and simplified graphs/charts, and automatically generated resolutions for issues that are actionable and straightforward. Interested in learning more about our cloud cost intelligence platform?

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