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1. Cloud Atlas 1. The Cloud Pod 2. The Official AWS Podcast 3. AWS Morning Brief 4. The Data Cloud Podcast 5. Microsoft Cloud Show 6. Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast 7. The Azure Podcast 8. Cloud Engineering 9. DABCC Radio 10. Cloud Unfiltered 11. Go Time 12. Google Cloud Platform Podcast 13. Day Two Cloud 14. CloudCast 15. The Delliotte On Cloud Podcast 16. Screaming In The Cloud 17. The Cloud Architects 18. 19. CloudFocus Weekly 20. Kubernetes Podcast 21. Cloud Insiders 22. Cloudbursting 23. Intel Conversations in the Cloud What Next: Untangle Your Cloud Costs With Cloud Cost Intelligence

You can now keep up with the latest cloud computing developments whenever you have time. It’s easy to connect with cloud providers, software developers, and executives on social media.

While reading about their exploits is interesting, hearing them deliver unscripted ideas, solutions, and experiences may be even more engaging.

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1. Cloud Atlas

cloud atlas

Biologically speaking, humans are a terrestrial species. But in terms of how we live, work, learn, and play, we’re really a cloud-native species. The cloud revolutionized human life. But outside the tech community, people have a limited understanding of what the cloud is.

In Cloud Atlas, CloudZero demystifies the cloud — including the story of the cloud, from prehistoric times (i.e., the 1990s) to the present day, where it came from, what it enabled, and how universally it’s used on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, moment-to-moment basis.

Cloud Atlas includes interviews and stories from Allan Vermeulen (proposed S3, led the team who built it), Matt Round (former director of Amazon’s Personalization Department), Andy Jassy (former AWS CEO, current Amazon CEO), and more! Check out the podcast here.


1. The Cloud Pod

Cloud Podcast

The Cloud Pod’s playlist of more than 200 episodes packages cloud news, views, and events into 50-minute bites each. IT executive Justin Brodley, cloud consultant Peter Roosakos, cloud platform engineer Jonathan Baker, and Ryan Lucas interview, discuss, and share cloud leaders’ takes and announcements weekly.

Also tune in to learn about multicloud management trends and cloud security solutions you can implement in your environment. Their TCP Talks show brings you guests that are changing the game; they recently hosted New Relic One’s Principal Developer Relations Engineer, Daniel Kim to share cloud obserevability tips from where he sits.

2. The Official AWS Podcast

Cloud Podcast

If you have workloads running on the largest cloud provider’s ecosystem, Amazon Web Services, the Official AWS podcast is a must-listen. Tune in for launches, infrastructure updates across AWS, and deep dives to help you understand trends, new technologies, and more.

Listen and learn from Co-hosts Hawn Nguyen-Loughren (DevSecOps), Shawn Elisha (Chief Technologist), and Jillian Forde (Senior Solutions Architect) as they approach the platform’s 600th episode. They steer the conversation toward value, whether you are working on ML models or just making your cloud computing knowledge less cloudy.

3. AWS Morning Brief

Cloud Podcast

This is one of two podcasts by Last Week in AWS (you can follow their blogs, too). Three times a week, this podcast shares 15 to 20-minute episodes with cloud computing intel for those who have less than an hour to listen.

Corey Quinn, a Chief Cloud Economist, contextualizes and pokes fun at the latest AWS news, explores popular AWS services, and answers listener questions about AWS architecture. It is all sprinkled with a little bit of snark.

4. The Data Cloud Podcast

Cloud Podcast

Snowflake’s Data Cloud Podcast is a leading voice for leaders and technicians in the data business. Steve Hamm, a journalist and award-winning author, chats with business leaders across the board as they share how they aggregate, analyze, and leverage their data to fule growth and competitive advantage.

The Podcast recently hosted Zabka Future’s EVP and Managing Director, Tomasz Blicharski for Episode 63. He shared interesting insights on how to transition to the cloud on only three months, about autonomous stores, and how to take advantage of Snowflake’s marketplace.

5. Microsoft Cloud Show

Cloud Podcast

If you are a Microsoft Azure Cloud customer, or aspire to be, you can’t afford to miss these chats. Available on most major podcast services, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, The Microsoft Cloud Show deep dives into matters Microsoft Office 365 and the Azure Cloud.

Co-hosts Chris Johnson and Andrew Connel are long-time SharePoint aficionados and bring their experience, peers’ insights, and more on this podcast. There are over 450 episodes now, so you’ll have a good deal to listen to from the get-go.

6. Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast

Cloud Podcast

But if you’d rather hear about the Azure cloud platform from a non-provider podcast, The Microsoft Cloud IT Pro series will more than fill in. Your co-hosts are Scott Hoag (SharePoint and Azure expert) and Ben Stegink (Microsoft 365 expert) for these weekly listens.

Besides discussing news and events about the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud products, they also contexualize what the developments could mean to you and what you can do about them as an IT pro or end-user.

7. The Azure Podcast

Cloud Podcast

Six co-hosts take you through a diverse range of topics in the Azure, from the imminent like how to leverage machine learning practically, to the possibilities, like making deliveries with Azure-backed drones.

You can listen to the more than 450 episodes on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Music, and more. If it relates to the Microsoft Cloud platform, The Azure Podcast will discuss it.

Yet, there are more leading voices in the Azure cloud world, should you want to look around a bit more. Other Azure cloud podcasts, include:

Azure Friday

Every Friday, Scott Hanselman chats one-on-one with the engineers behind Microsoft Azure’s services. They demonstrate how the services work, answer Scott’s questions, and share actionable insights you can implement right away.

Azure Flash News

Listen in as the hosts do demos, break Azure cloud news, and discuss updates, so you can further sharpen your Microsoft cloud knowledge.

Azure Lunch

This podcast promises news, events, and Azure tips in snackable chunks you can munch through in a lunch break. Available on Apple Podcasts, Audacy, and PodBean.

Azure Late Show Podcast

Every other week, an episode goes beyond Microsoft Azure news and releases to how to successfully leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Microsoft Cloud.

CTRL+ALT+Azure Podcast

Hosts Jussi Roine and Tobias Zimmergren are on their way to delivering their thoughts, experience, and expectations of the Azure cloud across 200 episodes.

8. Cloud Engineering

Cloud Podcast

Cloud Engineering by Software Engineering Daily covers a range of technologies throughout the software engineering lifecycle from the perspective of thought leaders and developers. You get to choose whether to stick to episodes most closely related to cloud engineering or discover other gems, from machine learning and ChatGPT to Kubernetes security and leveraging data.

9. DABCC Radio

Cloud Podcast

Douglas Brown, a former Senior Systems Engineer at Cisco and host, shares actionable insights on virtualization, the cloud, and server-based computing. You can also expect interviews with business leaders and developers on cloud security, VMware, Citrix, storage, and more.

In the time it takes to commute, listen to the DABCC Radio podcast for expert advice on Microsoft cloud, VMware virtualization, EUC, desktops, and mobility.

10. Cloud Unfiltered

Cloud Podcast

Tune in as Michael Chenetz hosts the who’s who in the cloud space to discuss cloud architectures. Cisco’s Cloud Unfiltered podcast also deep dives into various cloud deployments strategies, examining the best ways to leverage the most ideal strategy for your environment and workloads.

The podcast also dissects various cultural changes you could make to make full advanatage of your cloud investment.

11. Go Time

Cloud Podcast

Changelog Media’s Go Time will be valuable listens if you are looking for practical insights on the Go language as it relates to cloud deployments. That also includes discussions around cloud-native technologies, including Kubernetes, microservices, Docker, and disctributed systems.

You can catch the Go Time crew recording live every Tuesdays at 3pm Eastern. You can chat them up during the show through the #gotimefm channel (Gophers slack).

12. Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Cloud Podcast

You’ll find over 330 episodes here covering everything from cool new things to technical discussions meant to solve real problems. While the Google Cloud Platform podcast hasn’t returned from its 2022 Holiday break, previous episodes are still fresh and available on many platforms.

If you want to tune in to matters of cloud security on GCP, follow the Google Cloud Security Podcast, no over 113 episodes strong, with Timothy Peacock and Anton Chuvakin.

13. Day Two Cloud

Cloud Podcast

Once you’ve made the decision to migrate to the cloud, the next thing to go over is how to successfully operationalize your public, private, hybrid cloud, or multicloud environment. This is the challenge that Day Two Clouds’ co-hosts Ned Bellanvance (AWS, Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware expert) and Ethan Banks (Co-founder at Packet Pushers) seek to help you solve.

The chats feature engineers who are leading burgeoning cloud ops initiatives and seeing success – or have learned lessons the hard way, so you don’t have to.

14. CloudCast

Cloud Podcast

Listen to the CloudCast if you intend to tap into the broad knowledge base this podcast delivers. You’ll gather everything from technical discussions on Big Data in the cloud and IoT to Open source and AppDev.

The episodes are available in a range of lengths, from bite-sized chunks to full hour shows. You can also listen to any episode when you want and through 10 different platforms, including Spotify and YouTube.

15. The Delliotte On Cloud Podcast

Cloud Podcast

Hosts Mike Kavis and David Linthicum want to help you discover cloud best practices you can implement today without the trial and error that can get expensive real quick.

So, in these weekly episodes, both hosts call on cloud leaders to share the tools they are usingm, whyn and when is the best time to implement the strategies they share.

Likewise, tune in to hear about possible pitfalls in various cloud strategies from people who;ve actually tested themm, saving you the trouble.

16. Screaming In The Cloud

Cloud Podcast

Listen to this weekly podcast for news, feature updates, and comparisons of all the major cloud service providers; Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud. Corey Quinn is also the host of the AWS Morning Brief only this time you get to learn about developments, and the “why” behind them, on one podcast.

This might also appeal to you if you’re looking for a place where cloud experts have serious insights to deliver without taking themselves too seriously.

17. The Cloud Architects

Cloud Podcast

The Cloud Architects podcast delivers perspectives from various cloud projects and developers using a variety of relevant technologies.

The three hosts are Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) with specialized areas of expertise; Nicholas Blank is a Microsoft Office 365 and Azure MVP, Warren du Toit is an open-source solutions MVP, and Chris Goosen is a Microsoft solutions architect).

The trio focuses on best practices, aiming to help you deliver on your cloud promise without breaking your SLAs or budgets.


Cloud Podcast

On, discussions focus on career advice for cloud engineers and technical tips you can experiment with. Mike Pfeiffer, a Microsoft Azure MVP and PluralSight author hosts the show, bringing over 20-years experience in tech and, later, cloud-native technologies.

Although Mike left the show in mid-2022, he left behind 149 episodes covering a broad range of tools, technologies, and best practices you can leverage, regardless of your cloud provider.

19. CloudFocus Weekly

Cloud Podcast

Co-hosts Justin Edelstein and Jason Matwood used to do this podcast once a week. CloudFocus Weekly covered cloud computing news for years, from new technology to acquisitions, until July 2020. You can still listen to all 317 episodes on multiple podcasting platforms, and many of them are still relevant in the post-COVID cloud computing era.

20. Kubernetes Podcast

Cloud Podcast

The Kubernetes Podcast from Google recently clocked its 200th episode, covering cloud native apps and everything K8s. Your hosts are Senior Developer Advocate at Google, Abdelfettah Sghiouar, and Open-source Kubernetes Developer Advocate at Google, Kaslin Fields.

The weekly show delivers news and straight talk from the Kubernetes community. Guests include experts from Google (Kubernetes pioneers), the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which hosts the K8s project, and other insiders.

21. Cloud Insiders

Cloud Podcast

Tune in as Xtravirt, an independent managed services and cloud consulting business, seeks to bring the cloud down to earth.

The show packs ideas on how you can simplify your cloud, secure it, and leverage it to make strategic businmess decisions. Catch the latest episode on Apple Podcasts, Xtravirt, Spotify, Boomplay, Tune In, and PodChasers.

22. Cloudbursting

Cloud Podcast

The Cloudbursting Podcast by CloudReach covers the latest in cloud computing. More importantly, the show dives into the impact thought leaders and innovators think the changes could bring, from ChatGPT to Cloud FinOps trends.

23. Intel Conversations in the Cloud

Cloud Podcast

Intel’s CitC podcast focusses on matters of the data center and enterprise as they relate to the cloud and its software defined infrastructure. Expect interviews and insights from Intel insiders, including experts from the Intel Builders program.

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CloudZero Anycost

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CloudZero Dimensions

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