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New Relic Cost Adapter  Bring In More Historical Data For Cost Adaptors Anomalies & Events UI Tab New Insight: High S3 Admin Fees

Cloud cost management and FinOps best practices rely on getting as much meaningful data as possible into decision-makers’ hands. Without the ability to pull data from all your various cost sources, you cannot get 100% visibility into your cloud spend — let alone make decisions to optimize that spend.

This month, our teams focused on making it easier for customers to ingest even more data and business context into CloudZero, as well as making it easier to assess and act on that data once it’s in their hands.

In addition to the updates below, check out our new case study with Upstart, who used CloudZero to reduce their annual cloud costs by $20 million.

New Relic Cost Adapter 

What it is: Our newest integration allows New Relic customers to effortlessly incorporate cost data into the CloudZero platform. You can learn more about our New Relic integration here.

Customer value: With this upgrade we provide an in platform install experience that brings a faster and easier ingest of New Relic cost data into the platform.

Status: Generally available.

Bring In More Historical Data For Cost Adaptors

What it is: When setting up billing connections with our Datadog and New Relic cost adaptors, the platform will now automatically pull in 12 months and six months of billing data, respectively, giving your team more context for budgeting, forecasting, and managing your spend for each of these cloud solution providers.

Customer value: Historical context is a must-have when effectively managing and forecasting your spend. Having multiple months to look back on allows teams to understand trends better and make better decisions about optimizing their spend going forward.

Status: Generally available.

Anomalies & Events UI Tab

What it is: A change to our console’s user experience breaks out individual tabs for Anomalies and Events, making it easier for customers to identify, investigate, and act on notifications in their environment. Users can still view Anomalies and Events together in a single tab by selecting the “All” header at the top of the sidebar (see image below).

Customer value: With this new experience, customers can more easily search through the anomalies and events in their CloudZero console.

Status: Generally available.

Anomalies Tab

New Insight: High S3 Admin Fees

What it is: A new automated insight notifies customers when their AWS S3 administrative fees are atypically high. As a rule of thumb, fees and miscellaneous charges for a single S3 bucket should not exceed 10% of the bucket’s overall cost. Learn more about this new AWS insight here

Customer value: Customers will now be automatically notified when their S3 administrative fees exceed a standardized threshold determined by our analysis of billions of dollars worth of cloud spend across our entire customer base. This saves time and effort for our customers, and helps them realize more impactful cloud savings with very limited effort.Status: Generally available.

The Cloud Cost Playbook

The step-by-step guide to cost maturity

The Cloud Cost Playbook cover