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CloudZero has long offered the most powerful organization layer for companies looking to manage their cloud costs. We ingest 100% of your cloud spend, normalize it in a common, flexible data model, add business context through customer usage data, and ultimately show you what’s driving your spending — and who on your team is responsible for it.

That combination of what and who is unique in our space. Other platforms struggle with one or more parts of this process — tagging, shared spend, and multi-service integration being common obstacles — which limits the validity of the data they display.

But having the most powerful organization layer isn’t the end of the story. Cloud cost management is ultimately about long-term cloud efficiency, which requires ongoing monitoring and maintenance from all cloud stakeholders.

To this end, we’re always looking for ways to make CloudZero’s data easier to visualize, explore, and optimize. In this month’s release notes, we’ve got some exciting announcements that deliver on that mission. Check out the updates below, and stay tuned for more posts like this in the future!

Analytics General Availability

Introducing: General access to CloudZero Analytics!

What is Analytics? It’s the market’s first modern business intelligence (BI) solution on top of the most granular cloud cost data available. It allows you to visualize, manipulate, and share our data however your organization needs to maximize your investment in the public cloud.

You can use it to: Monitor the status of cost management projects — finite or evergreen, simple or complex, individual or team-wide. Read our blog post to learn more about all Analytics has to offer.

Status: General access!

The Cloud Cost Playbook

New Automated Insights

Introducing: Three new automated insights for all CloudZero users:

  • Older generation instances. Get notified when a newer generation of instances could bring you savings.
  • NAT Gateway spend. Get notified when your NAT Gateway spending crosses a certain threshold.
  • Redundant CloudTrail. Get notified when you’re running potentially unnecessary CloudTrail events.

You can use it to: Find more impactful cloud savings. All CloudZero automated insights are based on data aggregated from our entire customer base — thresholds we’ve determined to be normal and abnormal after analyzing billions of dollars worth of cloud spend.

Status: Live!

Insights Usability Upgrades

Introducing: Two workflow updates to CloudZero Insights:

  • Closing automated insights. The CloudZero platform will reassess the cost impact of automated insights daily. If the cost impact drops below a set threshold, the insight will be automatically marked as Addressed.
  • Create insights from Explorer. When you see an opportunity for savings in Explorer, you can now create an insight directly from that view. CloudZero will automatically use your currently filtered Explorer context to track the opportunity.

You can use it to: More easily find and realize more cloud savings.

Status: Live!

New Billing Connection Detail Layout

GCP Connection Details

Introducing: A new way to visualize the status of new billing connections (see image above).

You can use it to: More quickly understand and advance the progress of all your billing connections.

Status: Live!

The Cloud Cost Playbook

The step-by-step guide to cost maturity

The Cloud Cost Playbook cover