At CloudZero, the thing we do better than any other cost solution is connect the dots between cloud spend and your businesses. While other solutions offer reporting and dashboards that answer, “How much did we spend?”, CloudZero also enables you to answer “Why?”.

Was it because you onboarded a new customer? Did your team push new code? Or did usage of a feature tick up after some clever UX adjustments?

Recently, our engineering team noticed that CloudZero’s own cloud cost was impacted by a new customer. After we onboarded them, we identified higher than average cloud costs driven by our billing ingestion engine, the part of our platform that brings in our customers’ data.

We often get asked what makes CloudZero different — and our ability to investigate this issue illustrates it perfectly.

In four clicks, our team was able to pull together and drill into four different sources of data. Our team prevented what would have been a $70K annual increase in cloud spend for a single customer — a sizeable bite of our profit margin.

In this video, watch Bill Buckley, CloudZero’s vice president of engineering, walk through how we investigated and remediated this issue.


Please note that some figures and names are blurred out or changed to protect our privacy.